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Total: instruments – 0 , issuers – 0
Ticker Company ISIN Type
HSBK Halyk Bank KZ000A0LE0S4 ordinary share
KCEL Kcell KZ1C00000876 ordinary share
KEGC KEGOC KZ1C00000959 ordinary share
KZTK Kazakhtelecom KZ0009093241 ordinary share
KZTKp Kazakhtelecom KZ0009094645 preferred share
KZTO KazTransOil KZ1C00000744 ordinary share
Subtotal: instruments – 6 , issuers – 5
Ticker Company ISIN Type
AAFD AsiaAgroFood KZ1C00008721 ordinary share
ALMS AK Altynalmas KZ1C00001080 ordinary share
ALTV AlmaTel Kazakhstan KZ1C00001460 ordinary share
ASBN ForteBank KZ000A0F4546 ordinary share
ASLF LIC Freedom Finance Life KZ1C00001585 ordinary share
ASTL ASTEL KZ1C00000678 ordinary share
ATEC AltynEx KZ1C00001171 ordinary share
BSUL Bayan Sulu KZ1C00000165 ordinary share
CCBN Bank CenterCredit KZ0007786572 ordinary share
CCBNp Bank CenterCredit KZ000A0H0930 preferred share
FHSE First Heartland Securities KZ1C00008077 ordinary share
FRHC_KZ Freedom Holding Corp. US3563901046 ordinary share
INBNp Bank RBK KZ1P00000764 preferred share
KATR Atameken-Agro KZ1C00000025 ordinary share
KATRp Atameken-Agro KZ1P00000038 preferred share
KMCP Kazakhmys Copper KZ1C00001379 ordinary share
KMGZ National Company "KazMunayGaz" KZ1C00001122 ordinary share
KOZN KoZhaN KZ1C00001072 ordinary share
KSNF Caspi neft KZ1C00000694 ordinary share
KSPI KZ1C00001536 ordinary share
KZAP NAC Kazatomprom KZ1C00001619 ordinary share
KZAZ KazAzot KZ1C00001395 ordinary share
KZCR Transnational Company Kazchrome KZ0009093704 ordinary share
KZCRp Transnational Company Kazchrome KZ0009089744 preferred share
KZHR Karazhyra KZ1C00001296 ordinary share
KZIK Kazakhstan Housing Company KZ1C00000637 ordinary share
LNPT KMK Munai KZ1C00000215 ordinary share
LOGC LOGYCOM KZ1C00000892 ordinary share
MATN Maten Petroleum KZ1C00000868 ordinary share
MEGA Mega Center Management KZ1C00001452 ordinary share
MKBW Maikuben-West KZ1C00014422 ordinary share
MMGZ Mangistaumunaigaz KZ0009093696 ordinary share
MMGZp Mangistaumunaigaz KZ0009089736 preferred share
MREK MRENC KZ1C00000413 ordinary share
NRBN Nurbank KZ000A1CTMU5 ordinary share
NRBNp6 Nurbank KZ000A1CTMV3 preferred share
RAHT LOTTE Rakhat KZ000A1CTMZ4 ordinary share
RGBR RG Brands KZ1C00000496 ordinary share
RGBRp RG Brands KZ1P00000509 preferred share
SABR Sinoasia B&R Insurance KZ1C00005388 ordinary share
SABRp Sinoasia B&R Insurance KZ1P00014559 preferred share
SHUK Shubarkol Komir KZ1C00000124 ordinary share
SHUKp Shubarkol Komir KZ1P00000137 preferred share
SHUP Shubarkol Premium KZ1C00001445 ordinary share
SKSL LIC Standard Life KZ1C00001429 ordinary share
TSBN First Heartland Jusan Bank KZ000A0Q5HK5 ordinary share
TSBNp First Heartland Jusan Bank KZ000A0RM3V6 preferred share
UTMK Ust-Kamenogorsk Titanium Magnesium Plant KZ000A1CTM59 ordinary share
UTMKp Ust-Kamenogorsk Titanium Magnesium Plant KZ000A1CTM67 preferred share
Subtotal: instruments – 49 , issuers – 39
Ticker Company ISIN Type
AGKKb11 Agrarian Credit Corporation KZ2C00006120 coupon Bonds
AGKKb12 Agrarian Credit Corporation KZ2C00006161 coupon Bonds
AGKKb14 Agrarian Credit Corporation KZ2C00006922 coupon Bonds
AGKKb17 Agrarian Credit Corporation KZ2C00007276 coupon Bonds
AGKKb18 Agrarian Credit Corporation KZ2C00007284 coupon Bonds
AGKKb19 Agrarian Credit Corporation KZ2C00007755 coupon Bonds
AGKKb20 Agrarian Credit Corporation KZ2C00007953 coupon Bonds
AGKKb21 Agrarian Credit Corporation KZ2C00007961 coupon Bonds
AGKKb22 Agrarian Credit Corporation KZ2C00008316 coupon Bonds
AGKKb7 Agrarian Credit Corporation KZ2C00003796 coupon Bonds
AGKKb8 Agrarian Credit Corporation KZ2C00003804 coupon Bonds
AKMGb1 AstanaGas KMG KZ2C00005676 coupon Bonds
AKMGb2 AstanaGas KMG KZ2C00005841 coupon Bonds
ALBNb5 Bank CenterCredit KZ2C00006062 coupon Bonds
ASBNb27 ForteBank KZ2C00003374 coupon Bonds
ASBNb28 ForteBank KZ2C00003473 Bonds
ASBNb29 ForteBank KZ2C00003556 Bonds
ASBNb30 ForteBank KZ2C00004364 coupon Bonds
ATFBb10 First Heartland Jusan Bank KZ2C00003143 coupon Bonds
ATFBb11 First Heartland Jusan Bank KZ2C00003093 coupon Bonds
ATFBb13 First Heartland Jusan Bank KZ2C00003119 coupon Bonds
ATFBb14 First Heartland Jusan Bank KZ2C00003127 coupon Bonds
ATFBb15 First Heartland Jusan Bank KZ2C00003135 coupon Bonds
ATFBb16 First Heartland Jusan Bank KZ2C00004059 coupon Bonds
ATFBb9 First Heartland Jusan Bank KZ2C00002509 coupon Bonds
BASPb7 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00006476 coupon Bonds
BERKb11 Bereke Bank KZ2C00003200 coupon Bonds
BERKb12 Bereke Bank KZ2D00006913 coupon Bonds
BERKb13 Bereke Bank KZ2C00009934 coupon Bonds
BERKb16 Bereke Bank KZ2C00010072 coupon Bonds
BERKb17 Bereke Bank KZ2C00010080 coupon Bonds
BRKZb10 Development Bank of Kazakhstan KZ2C00004000 coupon Bonds
BRKZb11 Development Bank of Kazakhstan KZ2C00004018 coupon Bonds
BRKZb12 Development Bank of Kazakhstan KZ2C00004026 coupon Bonds
BRKZb13 Development Bank of Kazakhstan KZ2C00004190 coupon Bonds
BRKZb14 Development Bank of Kazakhstan KZ2C00004273 coupon Bonds
BRKZb15 Development Bank of Kazakhstan KZ2C00005908 coupon Bonds
BRKZb16 Development Bank of Kazakhstan KZ2C00005916 coupon Bonds
BRKZb17 Development Bank of Kazakhstan KZ2C00006286 coupon Bonds
BRKZb18 Development Bank of Kazakhstan KZ2C00006765 coupon Bonds
BRKZb19 Development Bank of Kazakhstan KZ2C00006864 coupon Bonds
BRKZb2 Development Bank of Kazakhstan KZ2C00003002 coupon Bonds
BRKZb20 Development Bank of Kazakhstan KZ2C00006898 coupon Bonds
BRKZb21 Development Bank of Kazakhstan KZ2C00007102 coupon Bonds
BRKZb22 Development Bank of Kazakhstan KZ2C00007417 coupon Bonds
BRKZb23 Development Bank of Kazakhstan KZ2C00007987 coupon Bonds
BRKZb24 Development Bank of Kazakhstan KZ2C00007904 coupon Bonds
BRKZb25 Development Bank of Kazakhstan KZ2C00008605 coupon Bonds
BRKZb26 Development Bank of Kazakhstan KZ2C00008613 coupon Bonds
BRKZb27 Development Bank of Kazakhstan KZ2C00009132 coupon Bonds
BRKZb28 Development Bank of Kazakhstan KZ2C00009140 coupon Bonds
BRKZb3 Development Bank of Kazakhstan KZ2C00003580 coupon Bonds
BRKZb32 Development Bank of Kazakhstan KZ2C00009637 coupon Bonds
BRKZb33 Development Bank of Kazakhstan KZ2C00009645 coupon Bonds
BRKZb5 Development Bank of Kazakhstan KZ2C00003648 coupon Bonds
BRKZb6 Development Bank of Kazakhstan KZ2C00003713 coupon Bonds
BRKZb8 Development Bank of Kazakhstan KZ2C00003911 coupon Bonds
BRKZe10 Development Bank of Kazakhstan XS2106835262 coupon international bonds
BRKZe11 Development Bank of Kazakhstan XS2337670421
coupon international bonds
BRKZe12 Development Bank of Kazakhstan XS2337670694
coupon international bonds
BRKZe13 Development Bank of Kazakhstan XS2472852610
coupon international bonds
BRKZe4 Development Bank of Kazakhstan XS0248160102 coupon international bonds
BTDVb3 Kazakhstan Housing Company KZ2C00006641 coupon Bonds
BTDVb4 Kazakhstan Housing Company KZ2C00006807 coupon Bonds
BTDVb5 Kazakhstan Housing Company KZ2C00006815 coupon Bonds
BTDVb6 Kazakhstan Housing Company KZ2C00006823 coupon Bonds
BTDVb7 Kazakhstan Housing Company KZ2C00006831 coupon Bonds
BTRKb1 NMH "Baiterek" KZ2C00005718 coupon Bonds
BTRKb4 NMH "Baiterek" KZ2C00007052 coupon Bonds
BTRKb5 NMH "Baiterek" KZ2C00007060 coupon Bonds
BTRKb6 NMH "Baiterek" KZ2C00007078 coupon Bonds
BTRKb7 NMH "Baiterek" KZ2C00007383 coupon Bonds
BTRKb8 NMH "Baiterek" KZ2C00008332 coupon Bonds
BTTRb1 Batys tranzit KZ000A0T88N8 coupon Bonds
BVTBb10 Bank VTB Kazakhstan KZ2D00006558 coupon Bonds
BVTBb6 Bank VTB Kazakhstan KZ2D00006517 coupon Bonds
BVTBb7 Bank VTB Kazakhstan KZ2D00006525 coupon Bonds
BVTBb8 Bank VTB Kazakhstan KZ2D00006533 coupon Bonds
BVTBb9 Bank VTB Kazakhstan KZ2D00006541 coupon Bonds
CAEPb1 CAEPCO KZ2C00002426 coupon Bonds
CAEPb2 CAEPCO KZ2C00003291 coupon Bonds
CCBNb20 Bank CenterCredit KZ2C00000560 coupon Bonds
CCBNb23 Bank CenterCredit KZ2C00000594 coupon Bonds
CCBNb27 Bank CenterCredit KZ2C00003317 coupon Bonds
CCBNb28 Bank CenterCredit KZ2C00003424 coupon Bonds
CCBNb29 Bank CenterCredit KZ2C00004083 coupon Bonds
CCBNb30 Bank CenterCredit KZ2C00004158 coupon Bonds
CCBNb32 Bank CenterCredit KZ2C00004554 coupon Bonds
CCBNb33 Bank CenterCredit KZ2C00007714 coupon Bonds
CCBNb34 Bank CenterCredit KZ2C00008621 coupon Bonds
CSBNb15 Kaspi Bank KZ2C00003010 coupon Bonds
CSBNb16 Kaspi Bank KZ2C00003028 coupon Bonds
CSBNb18 Kaspi Bank KZ2C00003309 coupon Bonds
EUBNb12 Eurasian Bank KZ2C00002467 coupon Bonds
EUBNb13 Eurasian Bank KZ2C00002475 coupon Bonds
EUBNb14 Eurasian Bank KZ2C00003051 coupon Bonds
EUBNb17 Eurasian Bank KZ2C00004075 coupon Bonds
EUBNb18 Eurasian Bank KZ2C00005981 coupon Bonds
EUBNb8 Eurasian Bank KZ2C00001212 coupon Bonds
FAGRb1 Agrarian Credit Corporation KZ2C00002962 coupon Bonds
FAGRb2 Agrarian Credit Corporation KZ2C00003465 coupon Bonds
FRMPb3 "Damu" Fund KZ2C00008068 coupon Bonds
HCBNb10 Home Credit Bank KZ2C00009918 coupon Bonds
HCBNb11 Home Credit Bank KZ2C00009926 coupon Bonds
HCBNb7 Home Credit Bank KZ2D00008349 coupon Bonds
HCBNb8 Home Credit Bank KZ2D00008356 coupon Bonds
HCBNb9 Home Credit Bank KZ2C00009892 coupon Bonds
HSBKb18 Halyk Bank KZ2C00002855 coupon Bonds
HSBKb19 Halyk Bank KZ2C00003077 coupon Bonds
IDFRb2 Industrial Development Fund KZ2C00007011 coupon Bonds
IDFRb3 Industrial Development Fund KZ2C00007391 coupon Bonds
IDFRb4 Industrial Development Fund KZ2C00008217 coupon Bonds
INBNb10 Bank RBK KZ2C00007979 coupon Bonds
INBNb11 Bank RBK KZ2C00008845 coupon Bonds
INBNb12 Bank RBK KZ2C00008852 coupon Bonds
INBNb13 Bank RBK KZ2C00009827 coupon Bonds
INBNb14 Bank RBK KZ2C00009835 coupon Bonds
INBNb7 Bank RBK KZ2C00004125 coupon Bonds
INBNb8 Bank RBK KZ2C00006013 coupon Bonds
INBNb9 Bank RBK KZ2C00006021 coupon Bonds
JSBNb1 Otbasy bank KZ2C00004133 coupon Bonds
KACMb1 Qazaqstan Investment Corporation KZ2C00007805 coupon Bonds
KACMb2 Qazaqstan Investment Corporation KZ2C00008100 coupon Bonds
KAFIb10 KazAgroFinance KZ2C00006781 coupon Bonds
KAFIb11 KazAgroFinance KZ2C00007862 coupon Bonds
KAFIb12 KazAgroFinance KZ2C00008514 coupon Bonds
KAFIb13 KazAgroFinance KZ2C00009843 coupon Bonds
KAFIb14 KazAgroFinance KZ2C00009850 coupon Bonds
KAFIb4 KazAgroFinance KZ2C00003267 coupon Bonds
KAFIb7 KazAgroFinance KZ2C00003747 coupon Bonds
KAFIb9 KazAgroFinance KZ2C00006385 coupon Bonds
KEGCb1 KEGOC KZ2C00003572 coupon Bonds
KEGCb2 KEGOC KZ2C00003978 coupon Bonds
KEGCb3 KEGOC KZ2C00006658 coupon Bonds
KEGCb4 KEGOC KZ2C00007797 coupon Bonds
KFUSb1 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00006906 coupon Bonds
KFUSb10 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00007326 coupon Bonds
KFUSb11 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00007334 coupon Bonds
KFUSb19 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00007524 coupon Bonds
KFUSb20 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00007532 coupon Bonds
KFUSb21 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00007540 coupon Bonds
KFUSb22 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00007557 coupon Bonds
KFUSb23 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00007565 coupon Bonds
KFUSb24 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00007573 coupon Bonds
KFUSb25 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00007581 coupon Bonds
KFUSb26 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00007599 coupon Bonds
KFUSb27 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00007607 coupon Bonds
KFUSb28 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00007615 coupon Bonds
KFUSb29 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00007623 coupon Bonds
KFUSb3 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00006955 coupon Bonds
KFUSb44 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00008902 coupon Bonds
KFUSb45 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00008910 coupon Bonds
KFUSb46 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00008928 coupon Bonds
KFUSb47 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00008936 coupon Bonds
KFUSb48 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00008944 coupon Bonds
KFUSb49 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00008951 coupon Bonds
KFUSb5 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00007110 coupon Bonds
KFUSb52 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00009447 coupon Bonds
KFUSb53 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00009454 coupon Bonds
KFUSb54 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00009462 coupon Bonds
KFUSb55 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00009470 coupon Bonds
KFUSb56 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00009488 coupon Bonds
KFUSb57 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00009496 coupon Bonds
KFUSb58 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00009504 coupon Bonds
KFUSb59 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00009512 coupon Bonds
KFUSb6 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00007128 coupon Bonds
KFUSb7 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00007136 coupon Bonds
KFUSb8 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00007300 coupon Bonds
KFUSb9 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00007318 coupon Bonds
KKGBb12 Halyk Bank KZ2C00003358 Bonds
KKGBb13 Halyk Bank KZ2C00003457 coupon Bonds
KMGZe11 National Company "KazMunayGaz" US48667QAN51
coupon international bonds
KMGZe12 National Company "KazMunayGaz" XS1595714087
coupon international bonds
KMGZe14 National Company "KazMunayGaz" XS1807300105
coupon international bonds
KMGZe15 National Company "KazMunayGaz" XS1807299331
coupon международные облигации
KMGZe16 National Company "KazMunayGaz" US48126PAA03
coupon international bonds
KTGAb2 KazTransGaz Aimak KZ2C00003499 coupon Bonds
KTGAe1 KazTransGaz Aimak XS1273497385 coupon international bonds
KZAGb2 NMH "Baiterek" KZ2C00002988 coupon Bonds
KZAGb3 NMH "Baiterek" KZ2C00003226 coupon Bonds
KZAGb4 NMH "Baiterek" KZ2C00003812 coupon Bonds
KZAGb5 NMH "Baiterek" KZ2C00003820 coupon Bonds
KZAGb6 NMH "Baiterek" KZ2C00004323 coupon Bonds
KZAGb7 NMH "Baiterek" KZ2C00004547 coupon Bonds
KZAPb2 NAC Kazatomprom KZ2C00006153 coupon Bonds
KZHRb1 Karazhyra KZ2C00007144 coupon Bonds
KZIKb27 Kazakhstan Housing Company KZ2C00003333 coupon Bonds
KZIKb28 Kazakhstan Housing Company KZ2C00004356 coupon Bonds
KZIKb29 Kazakhstan Housing Company KZ2C00004349 coupon Bonds
KZIKb30 Kazakhstan Housing Company KZ2C00006393 coupon Bonds
KZIKb31 Kazakhstan Housing Company KZ2C00006401 coupon Bonds
KZIKb32 Kazakhstan Housing Company KZ2C00007086 coupon Bonds
KZIKb33 Kazakhstan Housing Company KZ2C00007094 coupon Bonds
KZIKb35 Kazakhstan Housing Company KZ2C00007631 coupon Bonds
KZIKb36 Kazakhstan Housing Company KZ2C00007839 coupon Bonds
KZTGe1 National Company "QazaqGaz" US48668NAA90
coupon international bonds
KZTKb4 Kazakhtelecom KZ2C00005932 coupon Bonds
LOGCb3 LOGYCOM KZ2C00008878 coupon Bonds
LOGCb4 LOGYCOM KZ2C00008886 coupon Bonds
MFOKb11 Microfinance Organization OnlineKazFinance KZ2C00009769 coupon Bonds
MFOKb2 Microfinance Organization OnlineKazFinance KZ2P00008162 coupon Bonds
MFOKe1 Microfinance Organization OnlineKazFinance KZX000000641 coupon international bonds
MFTFb1 Toyota Financial Services Kazakhstan MFO KZ2P00007776 coupon Bonds
MFTFb2 Toyota Financial Services Kazakhstan MFO KZ2P00009699 coupon Bonds
MIATb1 MetallInvestAtyrau KZ2P00006034 coupon Bonds
MREKb8 MRENC KZ2C00002707 coupon Bonds
NCOMb1 Fincraft Group KZ2D00005949 coupon Bonds
NCOMb3 Fincraft Group KZ2P00009178 coupon Bonds
NRBNb12 Nurbank KZ2C00002897 coupon Bonds
NRBNb13 Nurbank KZ2C00005700 coupon Bonds
NRBNb14 Nurbank KZ2C00005734 coupon Bonds
NRBNb15 Nurbank KZ2C00002871 coupon Bonds
NRBNb16 Nurbank KZ2C00006070 coupon Bonds
PDENb2 PAVLODARENERGO KZ2C00003739 coupon Bonds
PRKRb7 Food corporation KZ2C00008464 coupon Bonds
PRKRb8 Food corporation KZ2C00008506 coupon Bonds
PRKRb9 Food corporation KZ2C00010023 coupon Bonds
PRKRe1 Food corporation RU000A102BF7 coupon international bonds
RGBKb1 "RG Brands Kazakhstan" LLP KZ2P00007727 coupon Bonds
RGBKb2 "RG Brands Kazakhstan" LLP KZ2P00009970 coupon Bonds
RGBRb8 RG Brands KZ2C00005924 coupon Bonds
SKENb3 SevKazEnergo KZ2C00006500 coupon Bonds
SKKZb10 SWF Samruk-Kazyna KZ2C00002301 coupon Bonds
SKKZb11 SWF Samruk-Kazyna KZ2C00002319 coupon Bonds
SKKZb12 SWF Samruk-Kazyna KZ2C00002327 coupon Bonds
SKKZb21 SWF Samruk-Kazyna KZ2C00002186 coupon Bonds
SKKZb24 SWF Samruk-Kazyna KZ2C00006138 coupon Bonds
SKKZb25 SWF Samruk-Kazyna KZ2C00007151 coupon Bonds
SKKZe1 SWF Samruk-Kazyna XS2399149694
coupon international bonds
SNRGb4 Samruk-Energy KZ2C00004521 coupon Bonds
TCOMb1 Transtelecom KZ2C00006344 coupon Bonds
TCOMb2 Transtelecom KZ2C00006880 coupon Bonds
TEBNb10 ForteBank KZ2C00000065 coupon Bonds
TEBNb11 ForteBank KZ2C00000073 coupon Bonds
TEBNb14 ForteBank KZ2C00000107 coupon Bonds
TEBNb15 ForteBank KZ2C00000115 coupon Bonds
TEBNb16 ForteBank KZ000A1AT8V6 coupon Bonds
TEBNb17 ForteBank KZ2C00000123 coupon Bonds
TEBNb4 ForteBank KZ2C00000024 coupon Bonds
TEBNb7 ForteBank KZ2C00000040 coupon Bonds
TMJLb10 National company "Kazakhstan temir zholy" KZ2C00008654 coupon Bonds
TMJLb3 National company "Kazakhstan temir zholy" KZ2C00003564 coupon Bonds
TMJLb4 National company "Kazakhstan temir zholy" KZ2C00004109 coupon Bonds
TMJLb5 National company "Kazakhstan temir zholy" KZ2C00004380 coupon Bonds
TMJLb6 National company "Kazakhstan temir zholy" KZ2C00005866 coupon Bonds
TMJLb7 National company "Kazakhstan temir zholy" KZ2C00005874 coupon Bonds
TMJLb8 National company "Kazakhstan temir zholy" KZ2C00005882 coupon Bonds
TMJLb9 National company "Kazakhstan temir zholy" KZ2C00005890 coupon Bonds
TSBNb16 First Heartland Jusan Bank KZ2C00002061 coupon Bonds
TSBNb27 First Heartland Jusan Bank KZ2C00002913 coupon Bonds
TSBNb28 First Heartland Jusan Bank KZ2C00002921 coupon Bonds
TSBNb29 First Heartland Jusan Bank KZ2C00002939 coupon Bonds
TSBNb30 First Heartland Jusan Bank KZ2C00002947 coupon Bonds
TSBNb31 First Heartland Jusan Bank KZ2C00004091 coupon Bonds
TSBNb33 First Heartland Jusan Bank KZ2C00004430 coupon Bonds
TSBNb34 First Heartland Jusan Bank KZ2C00004448 coupon Bonds
TSBNb35 First Heartland Jusan Bank KZ2C00004455 coupon Bonds
TSBNb36 First Heartland Jusan Bank KZ2C00004463 coupon Bonds
TSBNb37 First Heartland Jusan Bank KZ2C00007235 coupon Bonds
TSBNb7 First Heartland Jusan Bank KZ000A0T9AL7 coupon Bonds
UZAM_KZe1 UzAuto Motors XS2330272944 international bonds
UZBN_KZe1 NBU XS2242418957 international bonds
ZHMNe2 Zhaikmunai USN97716AA72
coupon international bonds
ZHMNe3 Zhaikmunai US66978CAA09
coupon international bonds
Subtotal: instruments – 264 , issuers – 49
Ticker Company ISIN Type
AGKKb10 Agrarian Credit Corporation KZ2C00006047 coupon Bonds
BERKb14 Bereke Bank KZ2C00010049 coupon Bonds
BERKb15 Bereke Bank KZ2C00010056 coupon Bonds
BRKZb29 Development Bank of Kazakhstan KZ2C00009397 coupon Bonds
BRKZb30 Development Bank of Kazakhstan KZ2C00009405 coupon Bonds
BRKZb31 Development Bank of Kazakhstan KZ2C00009413 coupon Bonds
BVTBb11 Bank VTB Kazakhstan KZ2D00006566 coupon Bonds
BVTBb12 Bank VTB Kazakhstan KZ2D00006574 coupon Bonds
BVTBb13 Bank VTB Kazakhstan KZ2D00006582 coupon Bonds
BVTBb14 Bank VTB Kazakhstan KZ2D00006590 coupon Bonds
BVTBb15 Bank VTB Kazakhstan KZ2D00006608 coupon Bonds
KFUSb40 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00008704 coupon Bonds
KFUSb41 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00008712 coupon Bonds
KFUSb42 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00008720 coupon Bonds
KFUSb43 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00008738 coupon Bonds
KFUSb50 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00009371 coupon Bonds
KFUSb51 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund KZ2C00009389 coupon Bonds
MFKMb2 MFO "KMF" KZ2P00008550 coupon Bonds
MFKMb3 MFO "KMF" KZ2P00009772 coupon Bonds
MFOKb10 Microfinance Organization OnlineKazFinance KZ2C00009728 coupon Bonds
MFOKb12 Microfinance Organization OnlineKazFinance KZ2C00009785 coupon Bonds
MFOKb13 Microfinance Organization OnlineKazFinance KZ2C00009793 coupon Bonds
MFOKb14 Microfinance Organization OnlineKazFinance KZ2C00009801 coupon Bonds
MFOKb8 Microfinance Organization OnlineKazFinance KZ2C00009421 coupon Bonds
MFOKb9 Microfinance Organization OnlineKazFinance KZ2C00009538 coupon Bonds
Subtotal: instruments – 25 , issuers – 7
Ticker Company ISIN Type
ADLA Aidala Munai KZ1C00000918 ordinary share
ADRP Aidarly Project KZ1C00014562 ordinary share
AGRC Akbakay Gold Resources KZ1C00014513 ordinary share
AKGR Akzhal Gold Resources KZ1C00014141 ordinary share
AKRL Ai Karaauyl KZ1C00001007 ordinary share
AKZM Aktobe Metalware Plant KZ1C00001288 ordinary share
AMAN Altay Resources KZ1C00000983 ordinary share
AMIN IC Amanat KZ1C00000603 ordinary share
AMXP Asker Munai Exploration KZ1C00001601 ordinary share
ANSA Ushkuy KZ1C00001163 ordinary share
ATVS Aktobe-Temir-VS KZ1C00001155 ordinary share
AZNO Aktobe Oil Equipment Plant KZ000A1CTMD1 ordinary share
AZNOp Aktobe Oil Equipment Plant KZ1P00000269 preferred share
BAST BAST KZ1C00001015 ordinary share
BENK Benkala MC KZ1C00013663 ordinary share
BSGR 3A-BestGroup KZ1C00001353 ordinary share
CRMG Crystal Management KZ1C00001486 ordinary share
CSEC Centras Securities KZ1C00009562 ordinary share
EKTN EKOTON+ KZ1C00000538 ordinary share
EXCS "Caspiy" Commodity Exchange KZ1C00005560 ordinary share
EXCSp "Caspiy" Commodity Exchange KZ1P00013585 preferred share
EXPA Green Power Generation KZ1C00001478 ordinary share
FFIN Freedom Finance KZ1C00001262 ordinary share
GB_ALTN AltynGold plc GB00BMH19X50 ordinary share
IFDR Teniz Capital Investment Banking KZ1C00000256 ordinary share
JRES Joint Resources KZ1C00001510 ordinary share
KMGD KM GOLD KZ1C00001254 ordinary share
KY_TPL_ Tethys Petroleum KYG876361257 ordinary share
LZGR Leasing Group KZ1C00001593 ordinary share
MNZH Marganec Zhairema KZ1C00012020 ordinary share
PHYS Phystech II KZ1C00001148 ordinary share
PZVA JSC "POSITIVE-A" KZ1C00001577 ordinary share
SAS_ S.A.S. KZ1C00000827 ordinary share
SATC Fincraft Resources KZ1C00000553 ordinary share
SATCp Fincraft Resources KZ1P00000566 preferred share
SHZN ShalkiyaZinc KZ1C00000967 ordinary share
SRBT Tin One Mining KZ1C00000595 ordinary share
TMLZ ForteLeasing KZ1C00000405 ordinary share
TPIB Tengri Partners Investment Banking (Kazakhstan) KZ1C00007665 ordinary share
ZHLT Zhaltyrbulak JSC KZ1C00003821 ordinary share
Subtotal: instruments – 41 , issuers – 38
Ticker Company ISIN Type
FIVEb4 FIVE BROKERS' CAPITAL KZ2C00009322 coupon Bonds
LZGRb3 Leasing Group KZ2C00008639 coupon Bonds
LZGRb4 Leasing Group KZ2C00008647 coupon Bonds
LZGRb5 Leasing Group KZ2C00009249 coupon Bonds
MFRFb5 MFO "R-Finance" KZ2P00009160 coupon Bonds
MFRFb6 MFO "R-Finance" KZ2P00009756 coupon Bonds
MFRFb8 MFO "R-Finance" KZ2P00010036 coupon Bonds
MFSLb2 Safe-Lombard KZ2P00008865 coupon Bonds
MFUCb3 UNICREDO" MFO KZ2P00009343 coupon Bonds
TSSPb2 TSSP Group KZ2P00009053 coupon Bonds
TSSPb3 TSSP Group KZ2P00009061 coupon Bonds
TSSPb4 TSSP Group KZ2P00009079 coupon Bonds
TSSPb5 TSSP Group KZ2P00009087 coupon Bonds
Subtotal: instruments – 13 , issuers – 6
Ticker Company ISIN Type
ALSPb1 Altyn Sapa ALM KZ2P00009962 coupon Bonds
AOILe1 5A OIL KZX000000690 coupon international bonds
BCCIb1 BCC Invest KZ2C00008365 coupon Bonds
BRBKb1 BRBAPK KZ2P00009905 coupon Bonds
CLSGb1 Capital Leasing Group KZ2P00007222 coupon Bonds
CLSGb2 Capital Leasing Group KZ2P00009871 coupon Bonds
DTJLb1 Dosjan temir joly KZ2C00000701 coupon Bonds
EOARb1 "El Orda Arnau" KZ2P00009996 coupon Bonds
FATNb1 Faeton Company KZ2P00003874 coupon Bonds
FATNb2 Faeton Company KZ2P00004286 coupon Bonds
FATNb3 Faeton Company KZ2P00004500 coupon Bonds
FPSTb1 Forpost KZ2P00009707 coupon Bonds
MFACb1 MFO "Arnur Credit" KZ2P00008386 coupon Bonds
MFAFb2 MFO aFinance KZ2P00007941 coupon Bonds
MFAFb3 MFO aFinance KZ2P00007917 coupon Bonds
MFBBb1 MFO Bravo Business KZ2P00008196 coupon Bonds
MFBLb1 Birinshi Lombard KZ2P00009277 coupon Bonds
MFCIb1 MFO "Capitalinvest" KZ2P00008378 coupon Bonds
MFKTb3 MFO "Credit Time" KZ2P00009186 coupon Bonds
MFKTb4 MFO "Credit Time" KZ2P00010002 coupon Bonds
MFMOb1 Mogo Kazakhstan (Mogo Kazakhstan) MFO KZ2P00007925 coupon Bonds
MFMOb2 Mogo Kazakhstan (Mogo Kazakhstan) MFO KZ2P00007933 coupon Bonds
MFNKb1 MFO "NIET Credit KZ2P00007420 coupon Bonds
MFRFb1 MFO "R-Finance" KZ2P00007206 coupon Bonds
MFRFb3 MFO "R-Finance" KZ2P00008568 coupon Bonds
MFRFb4 MFO "R-Finance" KZ2P00008766 coupon Bonds
MFRFb7 MFO "R-Finance" KZ2P00009863 coupon Bonds
MFRGb1 MFO "Rangeld Finance" KZ2P00008204 coupon Bonds
MFSCb1 Swiss Capital" MFO KZ2P00007818 coupon Bonds
MFSCb2 Swiss Capital" MFO KZ2P00007826 coupon Bonds
MFSCb3 Swiss Capital" MFO KZ2P00009947 coupon Bonds
MFSLb1 Safe-Lombard KZ2P00008097 coupon Bonds
MFTSe1 MFO "TAS FINANCE GROUP" KZX000000963 coupon international bonds
MFUCb1 UNICREDO" MFO KZ2P00008071 coupon Bonds
MFUCb2 UNICREDO" MFO KZ2P00009103 coupon Bonds
MFUCb4 UNICREDO" MFO KZ2P00009988 coupon Bonds
ORPTb1 Wholesale and retail trade venture KZ2C00004539 coupon Bonds
ORPTb2 Wholesale and retail trade venture KZ2C00006187 coupon Bonds
PKDAb1 APC "DAMU AGRO" KZ2D00007002 coupon Bonds
RETMb1 "REIF "RETAM" KZ2C00009363 coupon Bonds
SNCQb1 "SilkNetCom" LLP KZ2P00008394 coupon Bonds
THLZb1 TechnoLeasing KZ2P00006299 coupon Bonds
THLZb3 TechnoLeasing KZ2P00007354 coupon Bonds
THLZb4 TechnoLeasing KZ2P00007362 coupon Bonds
THLZb5 TechnoLeasing KZ2P00008220 coupon Bonds
THLZb6 TechnoLeasing KZ2P00008238 coupon Bonds
TSSPb1 TSSP Group KZ2P00008113 coupon Bonds
Subtotal: instruments – 47 , issuers – 29
Ticker Company ISIN Type
NTK028_2836 NBRK KZW100014023 discount notes
NTK028_2837 NBRK KZW100014031 discount notes
Subtotal: instruments – 2 , issuers – 1
Ticker Company ISIN Type
KZ_05_2410 MinFin of RK XS1120709669
KZ_06_4410 MinFin of RK XS1120709826
KZ_07_2507 MinFin of RK XS1263054519 eurobonds
KZ_10_2811 MinFin of RK XS1901718335 eurobonds
KZ_14_2609 MinFin of RK XS2050933899 eurobonds
KZ_16_2709 MinFin of RK RU000A101RV2 international bonds
KZ_17_3009 MinFin of RK RU000A101RZ3 international bonds
KZ_18_2606 MinFin of RK RU000A101RT6 international bonds
KZ_19_2806 MinFin of RK RU000A101RW0 international bonds
KZ_20_3106 MinFin of RK RU000A101S08 international bonds
KZ_21_3106 MinFin of RK RU000A101S16 international bonds
KZ_22_4507 MinFin of RK XS1263139856
international bonds
MKM012_0153 MinFin of RK KZK100000282 MEKKAM
MKM012_0154 MinFin of RK KZK100000290 MEKKAM
MKM012_0155 MinFin of RK KZK100000308 MEKKAM
MOM024_0087 MinFin of RK KZK200000745 MEOKAM
MOM024_0088 MinFin of RK KZK200000752 MEOKAM
MOM036_0091 MinFin of RK KZK200000695 MEOKAM
MOM036_0092 MinFin of RK KZK200000703 MEOKAM
MOM048_0052 MinFin of RK KZK200000687 MEOKAM
MOM048_0053 MinFin of RK KZK200000711 MEOKAM
MOM048_0054 MinFin of RK KZK200000729 MEOKAM
MOM060_0052 MinFin of RK KZK200000679 MEOKAM
MOM060_0054 MinFin of RK KZK200000737 MEOKAM
MTM036_0001 MinFin of RK KZKT00000016 METIKAM
MTM048_0001 MinFin of RK KZKT00000024 METIKAM
MTM060_0001 MinFin of RK KZKT00000032 METIKAM
MTM072_0001 MinFin of RK KZKT00000040 METIKAM
MTM084_0001 MinFin of RK KZKT00000073 METIKAM
MTM096_0001 MinFin of RK KZKT00000057 METIKAM
MUJ132_0003 MinFin of RK KZKA00000579 MEUJKAM
MUJ132_0005 MinFin of RK KZKA00000652 MEUJKAM
MUJ144_0003 MinFin of RK KZKA00000553 MEUJKAM
MUJ144_0004 MinFin of RK KZKA00000587 MEUJKAM
MUJ144_0005 MinFin of RK KZKA00000637 MEUJKAM
MUJ156_0003 MinFin of RK KZKA00000504 MEUJKAM
MUJ156_0004 MinFin of RK KZKA00000611 MEUJKAM
MUJ168_0002 MinFin of RK KZKA00000231 MEUJKAM
MUJ168_0003 MinFin of RK KZKA00000348 MEUJKAM
MUJ168_0004 MinFin of RK KZKA00000496 MEUJKAM
MUJ168_0005 MinFin of RK KZKA00000538 MEUJKAM
MUJ180_0005 MinFin of RK KZKA00000132 MEUJKAM
MUJ180_0006 MinFin of RK KZKA00000165 MEUJKAM
MUJ180_0007 MinFin of RK KZKA00000363 MEUJKAM
MUJ180_0008 MinFin of RK KZKA00000645 MEUJKAM
MUJ192_0001 MinFin of RK KZKA00000173 MEUJKAM
MUJ192_0002 MinFin of RK KZKA00000249 MEUJKAM
MUJ192_0003 MinFin of RK KZKA00000314 MEUJKAM
MUJ192_0004 MinFin of RK KZKA00000660 MEUJKAM
MUJ204_0001 MinFin of RK KZKA00000199 MEUJKAM
MUJ204_0002 MinFin of RK KZKA00000215 MEUJKAM
MUJ204_0003 MinFin of RK KZKA00000306 MEUJKAM
MUJ204_0004 MinFin of RK KZKA00000330 MEUJKAM
MUJ204_0005 MinFin of RK KZKA00000488 MEUJKAM
MUJ204_0006 MinFin of RK KZKA00000520 MEUJKAM
MUJ216_0001 MinFin of RK KZKA00000207 MEUJKAM
MUJ216_0002 MinFin of RK KZKA00000256 MEUJKAM
MUJ216_0003 MinFin of RK KZKA00000280 MEUJKAM
MUJ216_0004 MinFin of RK KZKA00000447 MEUJKAM
MUJ216_0005 MinFin of RK KZKA00000512 MEUJKAM
MUJ228_0001 MinFin of RK KZKA00000223 MEUJKAM
MUJ228_0002 MinFin of RK KZKA00000264 MEUJKAM
MUJ228_0003 MinFin of RK KZKA00000322 MEUJKAM
MUJ228_0004 MinFin of RK KZKA00000371 MEUJKAM
MUJ228_0005 MinFin of RK KZKA00000454 MEUJKAM
MUJ228_0006 MinFin of RK KZKA00000546 MEUJKAM
MUJ240_0001 MinFin of RK KZKA00000470 MEUJKAM
MUM072_0013 MinFin of RK KZKD00001145 MEUKAM
MUM072_0014 MinFin of RK KZKD00001210 MEUKAM
MUM084_0017 MinFin of RK KZKD00000881 MEUKAM
MUM084_0018 MinFin of RK KZKD00001137 MEUKAM
MUM096_0011 MinFin of RK KZKD00001095 MEUKAM
MUM096_0012 MinFin of RK KZKD00001160 MEUKAM
MUM096_0013 MinFin of RK KZKD00001202 MEUKAM
MUM096_0014 MinFin of RK KZKD00001228 MEUKAM
MUM108_0012 MinFin of RK KZKD00000915 MEUKAM
MUM108_0013 MinFin of RK KZKD00001087 MEUKAM
MUM108_0014 MinFin of RK KZKD00001236
MUM120_0014 MinFin of RK KZKD00000782 MEUKAM
MUM120_0016 MinFin of RK KZKD00000865 MEUKAM
MUM120_0017 MinFin of RK KZKD00000899 MEUKAM
MUM120_0018 MinFin of RK KZKD00000907 MEUKAM
MUM120_0019 MinFin of RK KZKD00001129 MEUKAM
MUM132_0006 MinFin of RK KZKD00000873 MEUKAM
MUM132_0007 MinFin of RK KZKD00001152 MEUKAM
MUM144_0006 MinFin of RK KZKD00000709 MEUKAM
MUM144_0009 MinFin of RK KZKD00001178 MEUKAM
MUM156_0003 MinFin of RK KZKD00000345 MEUKAM
MUM156_0004 MinFin of RK KZKD00000451 MEUKAM
MUM156_0005 MinFin of RK KZKD00000758 MEUKAM
MUM156_0006 MinFin of RK KZKD00000964 MEUKAM
MUM156_0007 MinFin of RK KZKD00001103 MEUKAM
MUM168_0001 MinFin of RK KZKD00000469 MEUKAM
MUM168_0002 MinFin of RK KZKD00000485 MEUKAM
MUM168_0003 MinFin of RK KZKD00000949 MEUKAM
MUM168_0005 MinFin of RK KZKD00001111 MEUKAM
MUM180_0001 MinFin of RK KZKD00000105 MEUKAM
MUM180_0002 MinFin of RK KZKD00000139 MEUKAM
MUM180_0003 MinFin of RK KZKD00000337 MEUKAM
MUM180_0004 MinFin of RK KZKD00000444 MEUKAM
MUM180_0005 MinFin of RK KZKD00000493 MEUKAM
MUM180_0006 MinFin of RK KZKD00000535 MEUKAM
MUM180_0007 MinFin of RK KZKD00000618 MEUKAM
MUM180_0008 MinFin of RK KZKD00000659 MEUKAM
MUM180_0009 MinFin of RK KZKD00000717 MEUKAM
MUM180_0011 MinFin of RK KZKD00000790 MEUKAM
MUM180_0012 MinFin of RK KZKD00000840 MEUKAM
MUM180_0013 MinFin of RK KZKD00000931 MEUKAM
MUM180_0014 MinFin of RK KZKD00000956 MEUKAM
MUM180_0015 MinFin of RK KZKD00001186 MEUKAM
MUM180_0016 MinFin of RK KZKD00001194 MEUKAM
MUM192_0001 MinFin of RK KZKD00000477 MEUKAM
MUM192_0002 MinFin of RK KZKD00000543 MEUKAM
MUM192_0003 MinFin of RK KZKD00000626 MEUKAM
MUM216_0001 MinFin of RK KZKD00000972 MEUKAM
MUM216_0002 MinFin of RK KZKD00001079 MEUKAM
MUM240_0001 MinFin of RK KZKD00000550 MEUKAM
MUM240_0002 MinFin of RK KZKD00000741 MEUKAM
MUM240_0004 MinFin of RK KZKD00000832 MEUKAM
MUM300_0001 MinFin of RK KZKD00000725 MEUKAM
MUM300_0002 MinFin of RK KZKD00000774 MEUKAM
MUM300_0003 MinFin of RK KZKD00000857 MEUKAM
MUM360_0001 MinFin of RK KZKD00000824 MEUKAM
Subtotal: instruments – 123 , issuers – 1
Ticker Company ISIN Type
ABK024_129 Akimat of Aktobe region KZMJ00001295 coupon bonds
ABK024_140 Akimat of Aktobe region KZMJ00001402 coupon bonds
ABK024_143 Akimat of Aktobe region KZMJ00001436 coupon bonds
ABK024_158 Akimat of Aktobe region KZMJ00001584 coupon bonds
ABK119_006 Akimat of Aktobe region KZMF00000069 coupon bonds
ABK119_081 Akimat of Aktobe region KZMF00000812 coupon bonds
ABK131_021 Akimat of Aktobe region KZMF00000218 coupon bonds
ABK143_032 Akimat of Aktobe region KZMF00000325 coupon bonds
ABK143_033 Akimat of Aktobe region KZMF00000333 coupon bonds
AKK022_121 Akimat of Akmola region KZMJ00001212 coupon bonds
AKK024_111 Akimat of Akmola region KZMJ00001113 coupon bonds
AKK024_123 Akimat of Akmola region KZMJ00001238 coupon bonds
AKK024_149 Akimat of Akmola region KZMJ00001493 coupon bonds
AKK119_005 Akimat of Akmola region KZMF00000051 coupon bonds
AKK119_076 Akimat of Akmola region KZMF00000762 coupon bonds
AKK131_028 Akimat of Akmola region KZMF00000283 coupon bonds
AKK143_036 Akimat of Akmola region KZMF00000366 coupon bonds
AKK143_037 Akimat of Akmola region KZMF00000374 coupon bonds
AKK143_061 Akimat of Akmola region KZMF00000614 coupon bonds
ALK007_011 Akimat of Almaty KZAJ00000119 coupon bonds
ALK022_010 Akimat of Almaty KZAJ00000101 coupon bonds
ALK024_009 Akimat of Almaty KZAJ00000093 coupon bonds
ALK117_008 Akimat of Almaty KZAF00000089 coupon bonds
ALK119_002 Akimat of Almaty KZAF00000022 coupon bonds
ALK119_007 Akimat of Almaty KZAF00000071 coupon bonds
ALK131_003 Akimat of Almaty KZAF00000030 coupon bonds
ALK143_004 Akimat of Almaty KZAF00000048 coupon bonds
ALK143_005 Akimat of Almaty KZAF00000055 coupon bonds
ALK143_006 Akimat of Almaty KZAF00000063 coupon bonds
ARK022_127 Akimat of Atyrau obl. KZMJ00001279 coupon bonds
ARK024_113 Akimat of Atyrau obl. KZMJ00001139 coupon bonds
ARK024_130 Akimat of Atyrau obl. KZMJ00001303 coupon bonds
ARK119_002 Akimat of Atyrau obl. KZMF00000028 coupon bonds
ARK119_079 Akimat of Atyrau obl. KZMF00000796 coupon bonds
ARK131_029 Akimat of Atyrau obl. KZMF00000291 coupon bonds
ARK143_045 Akimat of Atyrau obl. KZMF00000457 coupon bonds
ARK143_046 Akimat of Atyrau obl. KZMF00000465 coupon bonds
ARK143_067 Akimat of Atyrau obl. KZMF00000671 coupon bonds
ASK024_011 Akimat of Astana KZZJ00000110 coupon bonds
ASK119_001 Akimat of Astana KZZF00000015 coupon bonds
ATK010_151 Akimat of Almaty region KZMJ00001519 coupon bonds
ATK022_120 Akimat of Almaty region KZMJ00001204 coupon bonds
ATK024_114 Akimat of Almaty region KZMJ00001147 coupon bonds
ATK024_150 Akimat of Almaty region KZMJ00001501 coupon bonds
ATK119_007 Akimat of Almaty region KZMF00000077 coupon bonds
ATK119_072 Akimat of Almaty region KZMF00000721 coupon bonds
ATK131_031 Akimat of Almaty region KZMF00000317 coupon bonds
ATK143_047 Akimat of Almaty region KZMF00000473 coupon bonds
ATK143_049 Akimat of Almaty region KZMF00000499 coupon bonds
ATK143_065 Akimat of Almaty region KZMF00000655 coupon bonds
DZK008_155 Akimat of Zhambyl region KZMJ00001550 coupon bonds
DZK020_133 Akimat of Zhambyl region KZMJ00001337 coupon bonds
DZK022_122 Akimat of Zhambyl region KZMJ00001220 coupon bonds
DZK024_115 Akimat of Zhambyl region KZMJ00001154 coupon bonds
DZK024_141 Akimat of Zhambyl region KZMJ00001410 coupon bonds
DZK119_016 Akimat of Zhambyl region KZMF00000168 coupon bonds
DZK119_082 Akimat of Zhambyl region KZMF00000820 coupon bonds
DZK131_022 Akimat of Zhambyl region KZMF00000226 coupon bonds
DZK143_042 Akimat of Zhambyl region KZMF00000424 coupon bonds
DZK143_043 Akimat of Zhambyl region KZMF00000432 coupon bonds
DZK143_064 Akimat of Zhambyl region KZMF00000648 coupon bonds
KGK024_105 Akimat of Karaganda region KZMJ00001055 coupon bonds
KGK024_154 Akimat of Karaganda region KZMJ00001543 coupon bonds
KGK117_087 Akimat of Karaganda region KZMF00000879 coupon bonds
KGK119_004 Akimat of Karaganda region KZMF00000044 coupon bonds
KGK119_080 Akimat of Karaganda region KZMF00000804 coupon bonds
KGK131_030 Akimat of Karaganda region KZMF00000309 coupon bonds
KGK143_053 Akimat of Karaganda region KZMF00000531 coupon bonds
KGK143_054 Akimat of Karaganda region KZMF00000549 coupon bonds
KOK017_142 Akimat of Kyzylorda region KZMJ00001428 coupon bonds
KOK022_136 Akimat of Kyzylorda region KZMJ00001360 coupon bonds
KOK024_110 Akimat of Kyzylorda region KZMJ00001105 coupon bonds
KOK024_137 Akimat of Kyzylorda region KZMJ00001378 coupon bonds
KOK024_157 Akimat of Kyzylorda region KZMJ00001576 coupon bonds
KOK119_017 Akimat of Kyzylorda region KZMF00000176 coupon bonds
KOK131_020 Akimat of Kyzylorda region KZMF00000200 coupon bonds
KOK143_048 Akimat of Kyzylorda region KZMF00000481 coupon bonds
KOK143_050 Akimat of Kyzylorda region KZMF00000507 coupon bonds
KOK143_066 Akimat of Kyzylorda region KZMF00000663 coupon bonds
KSK015_145 Akimat of Kostanay region KZMJ00001451 coupon bonds
KSK018_139 Akimat of Kostanay region KZMJ00001394 coupon bonds
KSK024_119 Akimat of Kostanay region KZMJ00001196 coupon bonds
KSK024_160 Akimat of Kostanay region KZMJ00001600 coupon bonds
KSK119_003 Akimat of Kostanay region KZMF00000036 coupon bonds
KSK119_075 Akimat of Kostanay region KZMF00000754 coupon bonds
KSK131_025 Akimat of Kostanay region KZMF00000259 coupon bonds
KSK143_057 Akimat of Kostanay region KZMF00000572 coupon bonds
KSK143_058 Akimat of Kostanay region KZMF00000580 coupon bonds
KSK143_068 Akimat of Kostanay region KZMF00000689 coupon bonds
MGK118_083 Akimat of Mangystau region KZMF00000838 coupon bonds
MGK119_009 Akimat of Mangystau region KZMF00000093 coupon bonds
MGK119_077 Akimat of Mangystau region KZMF00000770 coupon bonds
MGK130_084 Akimat of Mangystau region KZMF00000846 coupon bonds
MGK131_023 Akimat of Mangystau region KZMF00000234 coupon bonds
MGK132_085 Akimat of Mangystau region KZMF00000853 coupon bonds
MGK143_038 Akimat of Mangystau region KZMF00000382 coupon bonds
MGK143_039 Akimat of Mangystau region KZMF00000390 coupon bonds
MGK143_063 Akimat of Mangystau region KZMF00000630 coupon bonds
NSK022_010 Akimat of Astana KZZJ00000102 coupon bonds
NSK024_009 Akimat of Astana KZZJ00000094 coupon bonds
NSK119_006 Akimat of Astana KZZF00000064 coupon bonds
NSK131_002 Akimat of Astana KZZF00000023 coupon bonds
NSK143_003 Akimat of Astana KZZF00000031 coupon bonds
NSK143_004 Akimat of Astana KZZF00000049 coupon bonds
NSK143_005 Akimat of Astana KZZF00000056 coupon bonds
PVK022_126 Akimat of Pavlodar region KZMJ00001261 coupon bonds
PVK024_103 Akimat of Pavlodar region KZMJ00001030 coupon bonds
PVK024_128 Akimat of Pavlodar region KZMJ00001287 coupon bonds
PVK024_156 Akimat of Pavlodar region KZMJ00001568 coupon bonds
PVK119_019 Akimat of Pavlodar region KZMF00000192 coupon bonds
PVK119_078 Akimat of Pavlodar region KZMF00000788 coupon bonds
PVK131_024 Akimat of Pavlodar region KZMF00000242 coupon bonds
PVK143_051 Akimat of Pavlodar region KZMF00000515 coupon bonds
PVK143_052 Akimat of Pavlodar region KZMF00000523 coupon bonds
PVK143_062 Akimat of Pavlodar region KZMF00000622 coupon bonds
SHK008_012 Akimat of Shymkent KZSJ00000127 coupon bonds
SHK022_011 Akimat of Shymkent KZSJ00000119 coupon bonds
SHK024_013 Akimat of Shymkent KZSJ00000135 coupon bonds
SHK060_002 Akimat of Shymkent KZSE00000023 coupon bonds
SHK119_001 Akimat of Shymkent KZSF00000014 coupon bonds
SHK119_006 Akimat of Shymkent KZSF00000063 coupon bonds
SHK131_002 Akimat of Shymkent KZSF00000022 coupon bonds
SHK143_003 Akimat of Shymkent KZSF00000030 coupon bonds
SHK143_004 Akimat of Shymkent KZSF00000048 coupon bonds
SHK143_005 Akimat of Shymkent KZSF00000055 coupon bonds
SKK021_132 Akimat of North Kazakhstan region KZMJ00001329 coupon bonds
SKK024_112 Akimat of North Kazakhstan region KZMJ00001121 coupon bonds
SKK024_144 Akimat of North Kazakhstan region KZMJ00001444 coupon bonds
SKK024_146 Akimat of North Kazakhstan region KZMJ00001469 coupon bonds
SKK119_015 Akimat of North Kazakhstan region KZMF00000150 coupon bonds
SKK119_073 Akimat of North Kazakhstan region KZMF00000739 coupon bonds
SKK131_014 Akimat of North Kazakhstan region KZMF00000143 coupon bonds
SKK143_040 Akimat of North Kazakhstan region KZMF00000408 coupon bonds
SKK143_041 Akimat of North Kazakhstan region KZMF00000416 coupon bonds
SKK143_059 Akimat of North Kazakhstan region KZMF00000598 coupon bonds
TKK006_163 GI "Apparat akima of Turkestan region" KZMJ00001634 coupon bonds
TKK022_117 GI "Apparat akima of Turkestan region" KZMJ00001170 coupon bonds
TKK024_106 GI "Apparat akima of Turkestan region" KZMJ00001063 coupon bonds
TKK024_107 GI "Apparat akima of Turkestan region" KZMJ00001071 coupon bonds
TKK024_116 GI "Apparat akima of Turkestan region" KZMJ00001162 coupon bonds
TKK024_118 GI "Apparat akima of Turkestan region" KZMJ00001188 coupon bonds
TKK117_086 GI "Apparat akima of Turkestan region" KZMF00000861 coupon bonds
TKK119_018 GI "Apparat akima of Turkestan region" KZMF00000184 coupon bonds
TKK131_026 GI "Apparat akima of Turkestan region" KZMF00000267 coupon bonds
TKK141_070 GI "Apparat akima of Turkestan region" KZMF00000705 coupon bonds
TKK143_055 GI "Apparat akima of Turkestan region" KZMF00000556 coupon bonds
TKK143_056 GI "Apparat akima of Turkestan region" KZMF00000564 coupon bonds
TKK143_069 GI "Apparat akima of Turkestan region" KZMF00000697 coupon bonds
VKK009_152 Akimat of East Kazakhstan region KZMJ00001527 coupon bonds
VKK018_138 Akimat of East Kazakhstan region KZMJ00001386 coupon bonds
VKK022_131 Akimat of East Kazakhstan region KZMJ00001311 coupon bonds
VKK024_108 Akimat of East Kazakhstan region KZMJ00001089 coupon bonds
VKK024_134 Akimat of East Kazakhstan region KZMJ00001345 coupon bonds
VKK024_135 Akimat of East Kazakhstan region KZMJ00001352 coupon bonds
VKK024_153 Akimat of East Kazakhstan region KZMJ00001535 coupon bonds
VKK119_010 Akimat of East Kazakhstan region KZMF00000101 coupon bonds
VKK119_074 Akimat of East Kazakhstan region KZMF00000747 coupon bonds
VKK131_027 Akimat of East Kazakhstan region KZMF00000275 coupon bonds
VKK143_034 Akimat of East Kazakhstan region KZMF00000341 coupon bonds
VKK143_035 Akimat of East Kazakhstan region KZMF00000358 coupon bonds
VKK143_060 Akimat of East Kazakhstan region KZMF00000606 coupon bonds
ZKK011_148 Akimat of West Kazakhstan region KZMJ00001485 coupon bonds
ZKK024_124 Akimat of West Kazakhstan region KZMJ00001246 coupon bonds
ZKK024_147 Akimat of West Kazakhstan region KZMJ00001477 coupon bonds
ZKK119_011 Akimat of West Kazakhstan region KZMF00000119 coupon bonds
ZKK119_071 Akimat of West Kazakhstan region KZMF00000713 coupon bonds
ZKK131_012 Akimat of West Kazakhstan region KZMF00000127 coupon bonds
ZKK143_013 Akimat of West Kazakhstan region KZMF00000135 coupon bonds
ZKK143_044 Akimat of West Kazakhstan region KZMF00000440 coupon bonds
Subtotal: instruments – 169 , issuers – 17
Ticker Company ISIN Type
AE_01_3004 Emirate of Abu Dhabi XS2125308168 international bonds
AE_02_2909 Emirate of Abu Dhabi XS2057865979 international bonds
AE_03_2504 Emirate of Abu Dhabi XS2125308085 international bonds
AT_01_2006 Republic of Austria AT0000A2HLC4 international bonds
IT_02_2410 Italy Republic US465410BX58 international bonds
OM_01_2908 Sultanate of Oman XS1944412748 international bonds
PE_01_2708 Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Republic of Peru US715638BU55 international bonds
PE_02_2601 Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Republic of Peru US715638DE95 international bonds
PH_01_2901 Republic of the Philippines US718286CG02 international bonds
PH_02_2802 Republic of the Philippines US718286CC97 international bonds
QA_01_2606 Ministry of Finance of the State of Qatar XS1405782159 international bonds
QA_02_3004 Ministry of Finance of the State of Qatar XS2155352664 international bonds
QA_03_2903 Ministry of Finance of the State of Qatar XS1959337582 international bonds
QA_04_2804 Ministry of Finance of the State of Qatar XS1807174393 international bonds
QA_05_2504 Ministry of Finance of the State of Qatar XS2155352151 international bonds
SA_01_2803 Ministry of Finance of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia XS1694217495 international bonds
SA_02_2904 Ministry of Finance of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia XS1936302865 international bonds
SA_03_2702 Ministry of Finance of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia XS2109766126 international bonds
SA_04_2610 Ministry of Finance of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia XS1508675417 international bonds
TR_01_2408 Republic of Turkey US900123CV04 international bonds
TR_02_2904 Republic of Turkey US900123CT57 international bonds
US_04_2908 United States Department of the Treasury US912810FJ26 international bonds
US_06_3011 United States Department of the Treasury US91282CAV37 international bonds
US_07_4411 United States Department of the Treasury US912810RJ97 international bonds
US_08_4105 United States Department of the Treasury US912810SY55 international bonds
US_09_2408 United States Department of the Treasury US91282CCT62 international bonds
US_12_2311 United States Department of the Treasury US912796YT03 international bonds
US_13_2505 United States Department of the Treasury US9128284R87 international bonds
US_14_2508 United States Department of the Treasury US912810EV62 international bonds
US_15_2403 United States Department of the Treasury US91282CEG24 international bonds
US_16_2411 United States Department of the Treasury US91282CFX48 international bonds
US_17_2602 United States Department of the Treasury US9128286F22 international bonds
US_18_2611 United States Department of the Treasury US912828YU85 international bonds
US_19_2310 United States Department of the Treasury US91282CAP68 international bonds
US_20_2311 United States Department of the Treasury US91282CAW10 international bonds
US_21_2310 United States Department of the Treasury US91282CDD02 international bonds
US_22_2401 United States Department of the Treasury US91282CDV00 international bonds
US_26_2310 United States Department of the Treasury US912796YJ21 international bonds
US_29_2311 United States Department of the Treasury US912796ZD42 international bonds
US_30_2312 United States Department of the Treasury US912796ZN24 international bonds
US_32_2401 United States Department of the Treasury US912796ZY88 international bonds
US_35_2405 United States Department of the Treasury US91282CER88 international bonds
US_37_2401 United States Department of the Treasury US9128285Z94 international bonds
US_38_2410 United States Department of the Treasury US91282CFQ96 international bonds
US_39_2502 United States Department of the Treasury US91282CDZ14 international bonds
US_40_2406 United States Department of the Treasury US91282CEX56 international bonds
US_41_2409 United States Department of the Treasury US91282CFN65 international bonds
US_42_2404 United States Department of the Treasury US912828X703 international bonds
US_43_2306 United States Department of the Treasury US912796ZQ54 international bonds
US_44_2404 United States Department of the Treasury US91282CEK36 international bonds
US_45_2501 United States Department of the Treasury US91282CGG06 international bonds
US_46_2502 United States Department of the Treasury US91282CGN56 international bonds
US_47_2403 United States Department of the Treasury US912828W713 international bonds
US_48_2502 United States Department of the Treasury US9128283Z13 international bonds
US_49_2404 United States Department of the Treasury US9128286R69 international bonds
US_51_2307 United States Department of the Treasury US912796ZS11 international bonds
US_52_2306 United States Department of the Treasury US912797FN27 international bonds
US_53_2307 United States Department of the Treasury US912797FX09 international bonds
US_54_2402 United States Department of the Treasury US91282CBM29 international bonds
US_55_2403 United States Department of the Treasury US912797LL96 international bonds
US_56_2503 United States Department of the Treasury US9128284F40 international bonds
US_57_2402 United States Department of the Treasury US912796Z285 international bonds
US_62_2601 United States Department of the Treasury US91282CBH34 international bonds
US_63_2505 United States Department of the Treasury US912828ZT04 international bonds
US_64_2510 United States Department of the Treasury US9128285J52 international bonds
US_65_2310 United States Department of the Treasury US912797FB88 international bonds
US_66_2311 United States Department of the Treasury US912797FJ15 international bonds
US_69_2309 United States Department of the Treasury US912797GU50 international bonds
US_70_2310 United States Department of the Treasury US912797GV34 international bonds
US_71_2312 United States Department of the Treasury US91282CBA80 international bonds
US_72_5211 United States Department of the Treasury US912810TL26 international bonds
US_74_2310 United States Department of the Treasury US912797HB60 international bonds
US_75_2505 United States Department of the Treasury US91282CHD65 international bonds
US_76_2408 United States Department of the Treasury US91282CFG15 international bonds
US_77_2312 United States Department of the Treasury US912797FV43 international bonds
US_78_2311 United States Department of the Treasury US912797HJ96 international bonds
US_79_2311 United States Department of the Treasury US912797HM26 international bonds
US_80_2312 United States Department of the Treasury US912797HV25 international bonds
US_81_2312 United States Department of the Treasury US912797HW08 international bonds
UZ_01_2402 Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan XS1953916290 international bonds
Subtotal: instruments – 80 , issuers – 11
Ticker Company ISIN Type
BCCI_cc BCC Invest KZPF00000058 Mutual Funds
BCCIbe BCC Invest KZPF00000553 Mutual Funds
BCCIrb BCC Invest KZPF00000231 Mutual Funds
CSECfe Centras Securities KZPF00000025 Mutual Funds
CSECgm Centras Securities KZPF00000033 Mutual Funds
CSECtf Centras Securities KZPF00000280 Mutual Funds
FFIN_or Freedom Finance KZPF00000082 Mutual Funds
FFINgw Freedom Finance KZPF00000090 Mutual Funds
FHJIag First Heartland Jusan Invest KZPF00000132 Mutual Funds
FHJIds First Heartland Jusan Invest KZPF00000173 Mutual Funds
FHJIhm First Heartland Jusan Invest KZPF00000124 Mutual Funds
FHJIlq First Heartland Jusan Invest KZPF00000157 Mutual Funds
FHJIpc First Heartland Jusan Invest KZPF00000140 Mutual Funds
HFINhl Halyk Finance KZPF00000538 Mutual Funds
HFINhp Halyk Finance KZPF00000546 Mutual Funds
HFINhs Halyk Finance KZPF00000520 Mutual Funds
HFINhv Halyk Finance KZPF00000041 Mutual Funds
HKGMhg Halyk Finance KZPF00000165 Mutual Funds
IE_FXBF FinEx Physically Backed Funds IE00BG0C3K84 Share
US_BIL_ SPDR Series Trust US78468R6633 Share
US_GLD_ SPDR Gold Trust US78463V1070 Share
US_ICLN iShares Trust US4642882249 Share
US_PHO_ Invesco Exchange-Traded Fund Trust US46137V1420 Share
US_SPY_ SSGA US78462F1030 Mutual Funds
Subtotal: instruments – 24 , issuers – 11
Ticker Company ISIN Type
ASDBe10 ADB XS2489628870 coupon international bonds
ASDBe11 ADB XS2507222904 coupon international bonds
ASDBe12 ADB XS2541297557 coupon international bonds
ASDBe13 ADB XS2571803019 coupon international bonds
ASDBe14 ADB XS2590132242 coupon international bonds
ASDBe15 ADB XS2610164944 coupon international bonds
ASDBe2 ADB XS1937714753 coupon international bonds
ASDBe6 ADB XS2294363416 coupon international bonds
ASDBe7 ADB XS2294363689 coupon international bonds
ASDBe8 ADB XS2351373134 coupon international bonds
ASDBe9 ADB XS2444205756 coupon international bonds
EABRb10 Eurasian Development Bank KZ2C00004711 coupon Bonds
EABRb11 Eurasian Development Bank KZ2C00004745 coupon Bonds
EABRb15 Eurasian Development Bank KZ2D00007671 discount Bonds
EABRb16 Eurasian Development Bank KZ2D00007697 discount Bonds
EABRb20 Eurasian Development Bank KZ2D00007705 discount Bonds
EABRb21 Eurasian Development Bank KZ2D00008083 coupon Bonds
EABRb25 Eurasian Development Bank KZ2D00008174 coupon Bonds
EABRb27 Eurasian Development Bank KZ2D00008265 discount Bonds
EABRb28 Eurasian Development Bank KZ2D00008273 discount Bonds
EABRb29 Eurasian Development Bank KZ2D00008281 discount Bonds
EABRb30 Eurasian Development Bank KZ2D00008828 coupon Bonds
EABRb31 Eurasian Development Bank KZ2D00009438 discount Bonds
EABRb32 Eurasian Development Bank KZ2D00009545 discount Bonds
EABRb33 Eurasian Development Bank KZ2D00009552 discount Bonds
EABRb34 Eurasian Development Bank KZ2D00009560 discount Bonds
EABRb35 Eurasian Development Bank KZ2D00009578 discount Bonds
EABRb36 Eurasian Development Bank KZ2D00009586 discount Bonds
EABRb37 Eurasian Development Bank KZ2D00009594 discount Bonds
EABRb38 Eurasian Development Bank KZ2D00009602 discount Bonds
EABRb39 Eurasian Development Bank KZ2D00009610 discount Bonds
EABRb40 Eurasian Development Bank KZ2D00009628 coupon Bonds
EABRb41 Eurasian Development Bank KZ2D00009958 coupon Bonds
EABRb42 Eurasian Development Bank KZ2D00009222 coupon Bonds
EABRb6 Eurasian Development Bank KZ2D00004421 coupon Bonds
EABRb9 Eurasian Development Bank KZ2D00003241 coupon Bonds
EABRe3 Eurasian Development Bank KZX000001003 coupon international bonds
EABRe4 Eurasian Development Bank XS2361431476 coupon international bonds
EABRe5 Eurasian Development Bank KZX000001433 coupon international bonds
EBRDe10 EBRD XS2093242530 coupon international bonds
EBRDe11 EBRD XS2214305737 coupon international bonds
EBRDe12 EBRD XS2252216937 coupon international bonds
EBRDe13 EBRD XS2264979431 coupon international bonds
EBRDe14 EBRD XS2404974508 coupon international bonds
EBRDe16 EBRD XS2555207096 coupon international bonds
EBRDe17 EBRD XS1555164299 international bonds
EBRDe18 EBRD XS2586856879 coupon international bonds
EBRDe19 EBRD XS2655869530 coupon international bonds
EBRDe4 EBRD XS1957561555 coupon international bonds
EBRDe5 EBRD XS1982112069 coupon international bonds
EBRDe6 EBRD XS1982112572 coupon international bonds
EBRDe7 EBRD XS2012983693 coupon international bonds
EBRDe8 EBRD XS2027948582 coupon international bonds
EBRDe9 EBRD XS2093223076 coupon international bonds
ICD_e1 The Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector XS2624614751 Bonds
IFC_e1 IFC XS1831081408 coupon international bonds
IFC_e6 IFC XS2387059327 coupon international bonds
Subtotal: instruments – 57 , issuers – 5
Ticker Company ISIN Type
ASBNd ForteBank US34955X5077
depository receipts
HSBKd Halyk Bank US46627J3023
depository receipts
KSPId US48581R2058
depository receipts
KZAPd NAC Kazatomprom US63253R2013 depository receipts
KZTKd Kazakhtelecom US48666D2045 depository receipts
Subtotal: instruments – 5 , issuers – 5
Ticker Company ISIN Type
AMGZp Aktobe Petroleum KZ0009093902 preferred share
KASE KASE KZ1C00001213 ordinary share
Subtotal: instruments – 2 , issuers – 2
Ticker Instrument Term
CNYKZT_0_001 CNY/KZT currency swap T+1
CNYKZT_0_002 CNY/KZT currency swap T+2
CNYKZT_1_001 CNY/KZT currency swap T+1
CNYKZT_SPT Chinese yuan settled in tenge T+2
CNYKZT_TOD Chinese yuan settled in tenge T+0
CNYKZT_TOM Chinese yuan settled in tenge T+1
EURCNY_SPT euro settled in chinese yuan T+2
EURCNY_TOD euro settled in chinese yuan T+0
EURCNY_TOM euro settled in chinese yuan T+1
EURKZT_0_001 EUR/KZT currency swap T+1
EURKZT_0_002 EUR/KZT currency swap T+2
EURKZT_1_001 EUR/KZT currency swap T+1
EURKZT_SPT euro settled in tenge T+2
EURKZT_TOD euro settled in tenge T+0
EURKZT_TOM euro settled in tenge T+1
EURUSD_SPT euro settled in US dollars T+2
EURUSD_TOD euro settled in US dollars T+0
EURUSD_TOM euro settled in US dollars T+1
RUBKZT_0_001 RUB/KZT currency swap T+1
RUBKZT_0_002 RUB/KZT currency swap T+2
RUBKZT_1_001 RUB/KZT currency swap T+1
RUBKZT_SPT Russian ruble settled in tenge T+2
RUBKZT_TOD Russian ruble settled in tenge T+0
RUBKZT_TOM Russian ruble settled in tenge T+1
USDCNY_SPT US dollar settled in chinese yuan T+2
USDCNY_TOD US dollar settled in chinese yuan T+0
USDCNY_TOM US dollar settled in chinese yuan T+1
USDKZT_0_001 USD/KZT currency swap T+1
USDKZT_0_002 USD/KZT currency swap T+2
USDKZT_0_01M USD/KZT currency swap T+1M
USDKZT_0_01W USD/KZT currency swap T+1W
USDKZT_0_01Y USD/KZT currency swap T+1Y
USDKZT_0_03M USD/KZT currency swap T+3M
USDKZT_0_06M USD/KZT currency swap T+6M
USDKZT_1_001 USD/KZT currency swap T+1
USDKZT_1_01M USD/KZT currency swap T+1M
USDKZT_1_01W USD/KZT currency swap T+1W
USDKZT_1_01Y USD/KZT currency swap T+1Y
USDKZT_1_03M USD/KZT currency swap T+3M
USDKZT_1_06M USD/KZT currency swap T+6M
USDKZT_SPT US dollar settled in tenge T+2
USDKZT_TOD US dollar settled in tenge T+0
USDKZT_TOM US dollar settled in tenge T+1
Subtotal: instruments – 44
Ticker Instrument Underlying Quantity Execution
HSBK-12.23 futures on common shares of Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan JSC due in December 2023 HSBK 100 21.12.23
HSBK-3.24 futures on common shares of Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan JSC due in March 2024 HSBK 100 20.03.24
HSBK-6.24 futures on common shares of Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan JSC due in June 2024 HSBK 100 20.06.24
KX-12.23 futures on KASE due in December 2023 KASE Index 1 21.12.23
KX-3.24 futures on KASE due in March 2024 KASE Index 1 20.03.24
KX-6.24 futures on KASE due in June 2024 KASE Index 1 20.06.24
KZAP-12.23 futures on common shares of National Atomic Company Kazatomprom JSC due in December 2023 KZAP 1 21.12.23
KZAP-3.24 futures on common shares of National Atomic Company Kazatomprom JSC due in March 2024 KZAP 1 20.03.24
KZAP-6.24 futures on common shares of National Atomic Company Kazatomprom JSC due in June 2024 KZAP 1 20.06.24
RU-12.23 futures on RUB/KZT due in December 2023 RUBKZT 1000 21.12.23
RU-3.24 futures on RUB/KZT due in march 2024 RUBKZT 1000 20.03.24
RU-6.24 futures on RUB/KZT due in June 2024 RUBKZT 1000 20.06.24
RU_10.23 futures on RUB/KZT due in October 2023 RUBKZT 1000 19.10.23
US-12.23 futures on USD/KZT due in December 2023 USDKZT_TOM 1000 21.12.23
US-3.24 futures on USD/KZT due in March 2024 USDKZT_TOM 1000 20.03.24
US-6.24 futures on USD/KZT due in June 2024 USDKZT_TOM 1000 20.06.24
Subtotal: instruments – 16
Ticker Company ISIN Type
ALLCpp1 Almaty Logistic Center KZ2P00008758 coupon debt securities
ARCDpp1 ARCADA INDUSTRY KZ2P00008493 coupon debt securities
ARCDpp2 ARCADA INDUSTRY KZ2P00009202 coupon debt securities
ARCDpp3 ARCADA INDUSTRY KZ2P00009665 coupon debt securities
ASPKpp1 ASIA PARK KZ2P00008998 coupon debt securities
AVKGpp1 Avesta-Karaganda KZ2P00008741 coupon debt securities
FINQpp1 FinQ KZ2P00008477 coupon debt securities
FNACpp1 "Finaccord Limited" Private company KZ2D00009214 coupon debt securities
FNACpp2 "Finaccord Limited" Private company KZ2D00009354 coupon debt securities
FNACpp3 "Finaccord Limited" Private company KZ2D00009651 coupon debt securities
IDCOpp1 ID Collect CA KZ2P00009681 coupon debt securities
IDCOpp2 ID Collect CA KZ2P00009889 coupon debt securities
KAFIpp1 KazAgroFinance KZ2C00008308 coupon debt securities
KAFIpp2 KazAgroFinance KZ2C00008597 coupon debt securities
KAFIpp3 KazAgroFinance KZ2C00009116 coupon debt securities
KMGZpp1 National Company "KazMunayGaz" KZ2C00008969 coupon debt securities
KMGZpp2 National Company "KazMunayGaz" KZ2C00009736 coupon debt securities
MFEFpp1 "Express Finance Group" MFO" KZ2P00009525 coupon debt securities
MFVSpp1 MFO "Vivus" KZ2P00009814 coupon debt securities
MOBIpp1 Mobilnyi Mir KZ2P00009012 coupon debt securities
MVDOpp1 Main Waterline KZ2P00009749 coupon debt securities
NCOMpp1 Fincraft Group KZ2P00008832 coupon debt securities
TMJLpp1 National company "Kazakhstan temir zholy" KZ2C00009025 coupon debt securities
TMJLpp2 National company "Kazakhstan temir zholy" KZ2C00009280 coupon debt securities
TMJLpp3 National company "Kazakhstan temir zholy" KZ2C00009678 coupon debt securities
Subtotal: instruments – 25 , issuers – 15
Ticker Company ISIN Type
AAL_KZ American Airlines US02376R1023 ordinary share
AAPL_KZ Apple Inc. US0378331005 ordinary share
ABT_KZ Abbott US0028241000 ordinary share
AEP_KZ American Electric Power Company, Inc. US0255371017 ordinary share
AIR_KZ Airbus NL0000235190 ordinary share
AMD_KZ Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. US0079031078 ordinary share
AMZN_KZ, Inc. US0231351067 ordinary share
BAC_KZ Bank of America US0605051046 ordinary share
BA_KZ The Boeing Company US0970231058 ordinary share
BIIB_KZ Biogen US09062X1037 ordinary share
CAT_KZ Caterpillar US1491231015 ordinary share
COP_KZ ConocoPhillips US20825C1045 ordinary share
CRM_KZ SALESFORCE.COM Inc US79466L3024 ordinary share
C_KZ Citigroup Inc. US1729674242 ordinary share
DIS_KZ The Walt Disney Company US2546871060 ordinary share
EWQ_KZ iShares Inc. US4642867075 share
FCX_KZ Freeport-McMoRan Inc. US35671D8570 ordinary share
FLGB_KZ Franklin Templeton Investments, Inc. US35473P6786 share
FTNT_KZ Fortinet, Inc. US34959E1091 ordinary share
F_KZ Ford Motor Company US3453708600 ordinary share
HYG_KZ BlackRock, Inc US4642885135 share
IBM_KZ IBM US4592001014 ordinary share
IEI_KZ iShares Trust US4642886612 share
IGLB_KZ iShares Trust US4642895118 share
INTC_KZ Intel Corporation US4581401001 ordinary share
JNJ_KZ Johnson & Johnson US4781601046 ordinary share
JPM_KZ JPMorgan Chase & Co. US46625H1005 ordinary share
KO_KZ The Coca-Cola Company US1912161007 ordinary share
LQD_KZ BlackRock, Inc US4642872422 share
MA_KZ Mastercard, Inc. US57636Q1040 ordinary share
META_KZ Meta Platforms, Inc. US30303M1027 ordinary share
MRNA_KZ Moderna US60770K1079 ordinary share
MSFT_KZ Microsoft US5949181045 ordinary share
MTB_KZ M&T Bank Corporation US55261F1049 ordinary share
MU_KZ Micron Technology, Inc. US5951121038 ordinary share
M_KZ Macy's US55616P1049 ordinary share
NEM_KZ Newmont US6516391066 ordinary share
NFLX_KZ Netflix, Inc US64110L1061 ordinary share
NKE_KZ NIKE, Inc. US6541061031 ordinary share
NVDA_KZ NVIDIA US67066G1040 ordinary share
OXY_KZ Occidental Petroleum Corp. US6745991058 ordinary share
PFE_KZ Pfizer Inc. US7170811035 ordinary share
PYPL_KZ PayPal Holdings Inc. US70450Y1038 ordinary share
QCOM_KZ QUALCOMM Inc. US7475251036 ordinary share
SBUX_KZ Starbucks US8552441094 ordinary share
TSLA_KZ Tesla, Inc. US88160R1014 ordinary share
TXN_KZ Texas Instruments Inc. US8825081040 ordinary share
T_KZ AT&T Inc. US00206R1023 ordinary share
UBER_KZ Uber Technologies Inc. US90353T1007 ordinary share
URA_KZ Mirae Asset Global Investments US37954Y8710 share
VGT_KZ Vanguard US92204A7028 share
VZ_KZ Verizon Communications Inc. US92343V1044 ordinary share
XLI_KZ US81369Y7040 share
XLK_KZ US81369Y8030 share
XLP_KZ US81369Y3080 share
XLU_KZ US81369Y8865 share
XLV_KZ US81369Y2090 share
XOM_KZ Exxon Mobil Corporation US30231G1022 ordinary share
Subtotal: instruments – 59 , issuers – 53
Ticker Company ISIN Type
GCGlobalSec KASE KZCCP0000043 General collateral certificate
Subtotal: instruments – 1
Subject of transaction (mode) ISIN Term Repo
BSP basket (EBM3) REPO with CCP backet 90 days
BSP basket (EBMP) REPO with CCP backet 30 days
BSP basket (EBR2) REPO with CCP backet 2 days
BSP basket (EBR3) REPO with CCP backet 3 days
BSP basket (EBRP) REPO with CCP backet 1 days
BSP basket (EBW2) REPO with CCP backet 14 days
BSP basket (EBWP) REPO with CCP backet 7 days
GS basket (EBM3) REPO with CCP backet 90 days
GS basket (EBMP) REPO with CCP backet 30 days
GS basket (EBR2) REPO with CCP backet 2 days
GS basket (EBR3) REPO with CCP backet 3 days
GS basket (EBRP) REPO with CCP backet 1 days
GS basket (EBW2) REPO with CCP backet 14 days
GS basket (EBWP) REPO with CCP backet 7 days
GS basket without CCP (ELMP) REPO with basket block 30 days
GS basket without CCP (ELR2) REPO with basket block 2 days
GS basket without CCP (ELR3) REPO with basket block 3 days
GS basket without CCP (ELRP) REPO with basket block 1 day
GS basket without CCP (ELW2) REPO with basket block 14 days
GS basket without CCP (ELWP) REPO with basket block 7 days
XOM_KZ (EQRD) US30231G1022 Autorepo with CCP 1D USD
XOM_KZ (EQWD) US30231G1022 Autorepo with CCP 7D USD
XLU_KZ (EQRD) US81369Y8865 Autorepo with CCP 1D USD
XLU_KZ (EQWD) US81369Y8865 Autorepo with CCP 7D USD
XLP_KZ (EQRD) US81369Y3080 Autorepo with CCP 1D USD
XLP_KZ (EQWD) US81369Y3080 Autorepo with CCP 7D USD
VZ_KZ (EQRD) US92343V1044 Autorepo with CCP 1D USD
VZ_KZ (EQWD) US92343V1044 Autorepo with CCP 7D USD
US_SPY_ (EQRD) US78462F1030 Autorepo with CCP 1D USD
US_SPY_ (EQWD) US78462F1030 Autorepo with CCP 7D USD
US_BIL_ (EQRD) US78468R6633 Autorepo with CCP 1D USD
US_BIL_ (EQWD) US78468R6633 Autorepo with CCP 7D USD
US_37_2401 (EQMP) US9128285Z94 Autorepo with CCP 30D
US_37_2401 (EQR2) US9128285Z94 Autorepo with CCP 2D
US_37_2401 (EQR3) US9128285Z94 Autorepo with CCP 3D
US_37_2401 (EQRD) US9128285Z94 Autorepo with CCP 1D USD
US_37_2401 (EQRP) US9128285Z94 Autorepo with CCP 1D
US_37_2401 (EQW2) US9128285Z94 Autorepo with CCP 14D
US_37_2401 (EQWD) US9128285Z94 Autorepo with CCP 7D USD
US_37_2401 (EQWP) US9128285Z94 Autorepo with CCP 7D
US_35_2405 (EQMP) US91282CER88 Autorepo with CCP 30D
US_35_2405 (EQR2) US91282CER88 Autorepo with CCP 2D
US_35_2405 (EQR3) US91282CER88 Autorepo with CCP 3D