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Main contacts

  • Telephone: +7 (727) 237 53 00
  • Technical support of Exchange's information systems: +7 (727) 237 60 17; e-mail:
  • Candidates are welcome to send CVs to:

By topic

To obtain information related to KASE operations, please dial the following numbers
  • Membership
  • tel. +7 (727) 237 53 26
  • Listing
  • tel. +7 (727) 237 53 24
  • Stock market
  • tel. +7 (727) 237 53 23
  • Complaints and suggestions
  • tel. +7 (727) 237 53 00
  • General questions about KASE and the stock market, cooperation with Kazakh mass media, participation in the events, promotional offers
    • tel. +7 (727) 237 53 42

    By division

    Legal Unit
    General legal support of KASE activities, ensuring legitimacy of KASE management bodies activities
    Trades Department
    Instruments quoting mode, trades execution, deals confirmation, recommendations and comments on KASE trading system operation
    Unit of Trades Organization and Execution:
    • tel.: 
      +7 (727) 237 60 18,
      +7 (727) 237 60 23,
      +7 (727) 237 60 24;
    • e-mail:
    Settlement House
    Settlements on Exchange deals
    Clearing House
    Execution of clearing operations on deals in financial instruments
    Listing Department
    Securities listing procedure
    Foreign Securities Unit:
    Local Securities Unit:
    Monitoring Unit
    KASE Issuers reporting
    KASE Members Reporting
    Information and Statistics Department
    Information on trades, quotations, this site content
    Information and analysis unit:
    • tel.: 
      +7 (727) 237 53 28,
      +7 (727) 237 53 23;
    • e-mail:
    Commercial dissemination of the exchange information, registration and access to view trades in real time
    Information Products Promotion Unit:
    Information on indices, basis of estimation and indices computation procedures
    Indices Service:
    Translation of KASE documents, normative base and financial news released at the website; interpreting at talks and meetings with foreign delegations
    Translations Service:
    Marketing and PR unit
    Organizing press conferences, seminars, interviews
    Issuers and Investors Relations unit
    Ensuring KASE's relations with international, foreign institutions, work with prospective issuers and investors
    Projects Development Unit
    Analysis of market demand for new financial instruments; carrying out of preparatory activities on launch of new financial instruments markets
    Information Technologies Department
    Maintenance and development of KASE trading systems
    KASE trading systems development unit:
    Development of KASE website
    Internet Projects Development Unit:
    • tel.: 
      +7 (727) 237 53 37,
      +7 (727) 237 53 38;
    • e-mail:
    Meeting requirements of the Exchange in manpower resources, training and personnel development
    Financial and Administrative Department
    Payment issues
    Accounting Department:
    General organizational issues
    Procurement and Maintenance Unit:
    Outgoing/ incoming correspondence
    Office management Service: LLP
    Placing of banners and Internet-representations on the site, Internet trading
    Compliance service
    Consideration of appeals related to corruption abuses, as well as complaints (statements) against actions of the Exchange or its employees