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coupon bonds KZ2C00011302 (KZ2C00011302)
JSC "Agrarian Credit Corporation"

Other securities JSC "Agrarian Credit Corporation"

Symbol ISIN Board Sector Category Trades Index
AGKKb7 KZ2C00003796 main debt securities bonds 13.09.17
AGKKb8 KZ2C00003804 main debt securities bonds
AGKKb10 KZ2C00006047 main debt securities коммерческие облигации
AGKKb11 KZ2C00006120 main debt securities bonds 09.07.21
AGKKb12 KZ2C00006161 main debt securities bonds 25.11.19
AGKKb14 KZ2C00006922 main debt securities облигации 14.10.20
AGKKb17 KZ2C00007276 main debt securities облигации
AGKKb18 KZ2C00007284 main debt securities облигации
AGKKb19 KZ2C00007755 main debt securities облигации 27.01.22
AGKKb20 KZ2C00007953 main debt securities облигации 27.01.22
AGKKb21 KZ2C00007961 main debt securities облигации
AGKKb22 KZ2C00008316 main debt securities облигации 15.07.22
AGKKpp1 KZ2C00011302 private placement debt securities
AGKKpp2 KZ2C00011344 private placement debt securities
AGKKpp3 KZ2C00011435 private placement debt securities
FAGRb1 KZ2C00002962 main debt securities bonds 26.03.15
FAGRb2 KZ2C00003465 main debt securities bonds 15.01.16
Trading code:
List of securities:
official, private placement board, category "None"
System of quotation:
clean price
Unit of quotation:
nominal value percentage fraction
Quotation currency:
Trade lists admission date:
Market Makers:
Bond's name:
coupon bonds
Currency of issue and service:
Nominal value in issue's currency:
1 000,00
Number of registered bonds:
100 000 000
Issue volume, KZT:
100 000 000 000
Admission initiator:
Agrarian Credit Corporation JSC