Trade Information

Market Data and Software

Real time market data
Trading status as uninterrupted data feed during the trading day. The possible technical delay between the generation of information and its delivery is 3 minutes at most.
Delayed trading information
Trading status as uninterrupted data feed during the trading day. The possible technical delay is 15 minutes.
Market close
Market close updated depending on the technical specification of an information product.
Historical information
Files containing historical information upon request according to formats of files on market close or as a register of orders/transactions.
Reference Information
Details of financial instruments and issuers of securities.
Non-Display/Derived information
Use of real time or delayed market data in Non-Display systems in order to generate and/or vend derived information. Market data can also be processed to be used in Non-Display systems. This product also gives the right to use market data for algorithmic trading and / or risk management, automatic order placement, investment analysis, monitoring, compliance control, and portfolio evaluation, etc.
IRIS Finance software product
Modular software product for data processing. Basic modules include directories of issuers and securities, indices and indicators and other information.
This information product is a news bulletin received by the Exchange from issuers and KASE members as part of the activity of a trade organizer as well as the news prepared by the Exchange as a result of exchange market data processing using own resources.
Irregular enquiries
This information product implies managing non-recurring or irregular information enquiries done by the Exchange. The Exchange provides the following types of information as part of this product: market value of securities, issuers and securities lists, information on financial instrument transaction costs.
Access to view information about the progress of trading in financial instruments being conducted by the Exchange in real time on the Exchange’s website (
Corporate events
Daily reports containing more than 20 different types of corporate events for issuers listed on KASE and Exchange members.
the information bot in the Telegram app, where you can view real-time information about the last and weighted average prices, trading volumes on the currency and stock markets, dividends, as well as about upcoming specialized auctions and their results. Bot has the functions of sending notifications when the price changes, at the specified time. Bot is available at the following address
For KASE members
Information for KASE members on their trades and orders, including data on prices and volume.

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