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On November 15, 1993, Kazakhstan introduced its own currency, the tenge. The Kazakhstan Interbank Currency Exchange established on November 17, 1993 was assigned the role of the operator of foreign currency trading; a few years later it was renamed The Kazakhstan Stock Exchange.

Since the moment of its foundation KASE has been the only exchange in Kazakhstan operating the stock and currency markets, an integral part of the financial market's infrastructure and it occupies an important position in the country's economy.

KASE's traditional partnership with professional participants – Exchange members most of which are at the same time its shareholders – provides a mutually acceptable balance between the interests of the Exchange as a commercial institution and its members who are the consumers of its services.

Today KASE is more than just an exchange. We value its history, unique knowledge of our teammates and reliable partnership with professional participants of the securities market. KASE has been improving standards of its operation to make Kazakhstan's exchange market more attractive and it tries to be an example for its participants in terms of corporate governance and information transparency.

Main stages of KASE's development


























A currency exchange under the name "Kazakh Interbank Currency Exchange" was set up. Main tasks of the new exchange were the organizing and development of the national currency market due to the introduction of the tenge

The first trading session in a foreign currency - US dollar

Change of name to "Kazakhstan Interbank Currency Exchange"

Change of name to "Kazakhstan Interbank Currency-Stock Exchange"

The first trading session in government treasury bonds and notes of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Change of name to "Kazakhstan Stock Exchange" (KASE)

Receipt of an unlimited license from Kazakhstan's National Securities Commission for operation of securities trading

The first trading session in derivatives (KZT/USD exchange rate futures)

The first trading session in listed shares, state-owned blocks of shares, unlisted securities

Launch on KASE of the "direct deals" system

The first trading session in Kazakhstan's sovereign Eurobonds

The first trading session in municipal bonds and listed bonds

Launch of the "nego" repo market

Launch of; KASE_Shares indicator

Launch of a series of Kazakhstan Interbank Deposits Market indicators – KIBOR, KIBID, KIMEAN

First offerings of corporate bonds

Launch of the GS "auto" repo market

Launch of the market for bonds of international financial institutions (IFO)

Launch of a series of corporate bonds indicators – KASE_BC, KASE_BP, KASE_BY

Launch of the first repo transactions market indicator – TONIA

The first record – the volume of all operations exceeded one trillion tenge

The first trading session in bills of exchange

ЗаLaunch of the "auto" repo market with corporate securities

Launch of the "" (online trading)

The first trading session in corporate securities of foreign issuer

The first offering on KASE of MEUJKAM (long-term government bonds, whose coupon is indexed at the inflation rate)

The first trading session in foreign corporate bonds

KazMunaiGas EP JSC;IPO

Kazakhtelecom JSC;IPO

Setting up a special trading floor on KASE for the Regional Financial Center of Almaty (for attracting foreign issuers and investors)

Launch of a new index on the equity market – KASE Index which continued the numerical series of KASE_Shares

KASE commercialization

Start of release of the weighted average value indicator on money offering rates on Kazakhstan Interbank Deposits Market; KazPrime-3M

The first trading session in gold bullion futures

Launch of the currency swap market

Development and putting into effect of the new Listing Rules

Resumption of the market unity through amalgamation of KASE trading floor and special trading floor of Regional Financial Center of Almaty

Launch of the new indicator of the repo transactions market – TWINA

Putting into effect of the system of re-assessment of liabilities and compensatory payments; on the "nego" repo market

Launch of the modernized derivatives market using the new risk-management system (opening of trading in USD/KZT settlement futures and KASE Index value futures)

KASE joins the list of participants of;Dow Jones FEAS Titans 50;and;S;P/OIC COMCEC 50 Shariah

Launch of the securities trading system based on (gross) settlements T+0 with full preliminary collateral

Setting up a new multi-functional online trading system – "Strade"

KASE receives licenses for clearing of financial instrument transactions and execution of some banking transactions (opening and maintenance of legal entities' bank accounts)

Setting up a Clearing Chamber within KASE structure


KazTransOil JSC;IPO;s part of the "People's IPO" program

Acquiring the status of a fully-fledged member of the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE)

Setting up an automated banking system as part of KASE's acquiring a banking license

Opening of trading in the currency pair KZT/CNY

Launch of yield indicators of currency swap transactions;SWAP-1D;and;SWAP-2D

Launch of the exchange market indicator of short money;MM Index (money market index)

KEGOC JSC;IPO;s part of the "People's IPO" program

Trading terminal NEXT for KASE currency market put into operation

Switch of trading in shares from KASE Index universe to settlement scheme T+2

Joining the UN initiative "Sustainable stock exchanges"


Aktobe Metalware Plant JSC;IPO

Start of implementation of KASE's new development strategy

Updating of KASE brand

Launch of training program "Stock market: new horizons for entrepreneurship"

First offerings of commercial bonds on KASE (PAVLODARENERGO JSC, SevKazEnergo JSC, Eastcomtrans LLP)

Introduction of the single limit system for margining on orders and transactions on the stock market

Emergence on KASE stock market of the first foreign broker – UNIVER Investment Group LLC

Transformation of KASE official list's structure for purposes of creating a separate trading floor for securities of small and medium-sized businesses

Bank of Astana JSC;IPO