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15 minutes data delay. Real-time data is provided for fee.


  • In order to work with this section you will need Internet browser with JavaScript support. Practically it can be any modern browser, excluding those, where JavaScript is switched off on default. In this case you need to switch on JavaScript support in your browser settings.
  • To view a certain market or set, select its name from the proposed list.
  • Then select necessary instruments from the list using buttons "add/remove". You can select several instruments at once, but browsing is possible on a list not exceeding 20 instruments (except KASE Index set). Instruments can be searched by typing of necessary symbols and pressing the button "Search". In this case those instruments, in codes of which there are symbols entered by a user regardless of their location in a code name, will be found.
  • For convenient selection of necessary browsing fields you can use references "Select all", "Select standard", "Remove all". When selecting standard fields those fields, which are more often used, are selected.
  • Update interval - 10 seconds.
  • Colors and arrows show changes in financial instruments prices, occurred since the last change in such prices during the trade session. Green color means increase of price, red – drop in price.