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For foreign brokers and dealers

For foreign brokers and dealers

KASE offers to managing and investment companies, banks, brokerage and insurance companies access to 700+ instruments, technical solutions and DMA.

Get to know in detail, how to acquire membership and possibility of executing trading deals on KASE floor


The Remote Membership (RM) system on KASE offers remote membership for foreign companies which cannot or do not want to be present on the Kazakh stock and derivatives markets, but want to have access to them.

  • members of stock exchanges that are members of The World Federation of Exchanges
  • foreign legal entities holding respective licenses from the authorized body of the country of incorporation for execution of brokerage/dealing activities. Admission of foreign legal entities to trading on KASE is possible provided there are international agreements on cooperation and information exchange between authorized bodies for surveillance of brokerage/dealing activities providing for mutual recognition of licenses for brokerage/dealing activities.
  • access to more than 100 securities of investment-attractive Kazakh companies
  • T+2 settlements on the shares market
  • financial incentives for brokers and dealers and market-makers
  • growing potential of the emerging capital market
  • transparence, clarity and integrity of regulations and requirements

Operation in remote access mode

Regulations on Membership
Rules of operating the trading system in the remote access mode

Procedure of granting
kase foreign membership

More detailed description of the procedure of obtaining the KASE member status is available here

Requirements for candidates for KASE foreign membership

Requirements for candidates for KASE foreign membership
Documents subject to provision by candidates for KASE foreign membership

Trading technologies

Get to know more about trading technologies and KASE connection systems

A foreign member of KASE may conclude deals in KASE's trading system on behalf, on account and in the interest of its clients, except for clients being citizens or legal entities of the Republic of Kazakhstan