Trade Information

Membership in Organizations

WFE comprises over 60 global exchanges concentrating almost all exchange turnover of the global stock market.
FEAS unites about 45 professional exchange organizations operating on emerging stock markets in Europe and Asia.
SIIA/FISD comprises about 200 members, including exchanges, banks, investment firms and information agencies.
IAE CIS comprises over 20 exchanges and depositories of the Commonwealth of Independent States.
Largest professional association operating on the stock market of the Republic of Kazakhstan with over 200 members.
The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Member States' Stock Exchanges Forum is a platform for discussing activities on international cooperation between representatives of businesses and OIC institutions and it offers to its participants the possibility to share experience. The Forum\s activities aim for creating a basis for harmonization of rules and regulations of market transactions and for development of new lines of inter-exchange cooperation.