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unsecured coupon KZ2C00004349
Mortgage organization "Kazakhstan Mortgage Company" JSC

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Symbol ISIN Board Sector Category Trades Index
KZIK KZ1C00000637 main shares standard 09.11.09
KZIKb25 KZ2C00002160 main debt securities bonds 18.10.13 KASE_BM*
KZIKb27 KZ2C00003333 main debt securities bonds 25.12.17 KASE_BM*
KZIKb28 KZ2C00004356 main debt securities bonds 12.07.19
KZIKb29 KZ2C00004349 main debt securities bonds no trade
KZIKb30 KZ2C00006393 main debt securities bonds no trade
KZIKb31 KZ2C00006401 main debt securities bonds no trade
Trading code:
Trade lists admission date:
Trade opening date:
no trade
KASE_B* list inclusion date:
Market makers:
Bond's name:
unsecured coupon облигации
Currency of issue and service:
Nominal value in issue's currency:
Number of registered bonds:
700 000 000
Issue volume, KZT:
700 000 000
Issue's number in state register:
Issue registration date:
Coupon rate type:
Settlement basis (days in month / days in year:
Bonds type by circulation period:
Circulation term, years:
22.05.20, 16:29 Sole shareholder of Mortgage Organization Kazakhstan Mortgage Company approves annual financial statements and procedure of the company's net income distribution for 2019
22.05.20, 14:42 Auditor's report on financial statements of Mortgage organization "Kazakhstan Mortgage Company" for 2019 released
22.05.20, 10:47 Mortgage organization "Kazakhstan Mortgage Company" says agency AKRA assigned ratings to the company, outlook "Negative"
27.04.20, 10:46 Mortgage organization "Kazakhstan Mortgage Company" January-March 2020 financial statements published
22.04.20, 12:10 Extract from Mortgage Organization Kazakhstan Mortgage Company's shareholder registers as at April 1, 2020
14.04.20, 17:46 Mortgage Organization Kazakhstan Mortgage Company announces redemption of bonds (KZ2C00001741, KZIKb23)
02.04.20, 09:51 Mortgage organization "Kazakhstan Mortgage Company" bonds KZ2C00001741 (KZIKb23) removed from KASE official list due to circulation term expiry
01.04.20, 13:15 On April 1 KASE removed bonds KZ2C00001741 (KZIKb23) of Mortgage Organization Kazakhstan Mortgage Company from representative list for bond market indices of KASE_BM* series
30.03.20, 14:48 Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the Regulation and Development of the Financial Market registers amendments to Mortgage Organization Kazakhstan Mortgage Company’s share issue prospectus
30.03.20, 14:31 Mortgage organization "Kazakhstan Mortgage Company" announces decisions of sole shareholder dated March 18, 2020
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