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subordinate coupon bonds KZ2C00004083
Bank CenterCredit JSC
Last coupon rate, % APR : 4,000
Days to maturity: 3 636
Circulation period: 03.11.17 – 03.11.32

Other securities Bank CenterCredit JSC

Symbol ISIN Board Sector Category Trades Index
CCBN KZ0007786572 main shares standard 13.08.99 KASE
CCBNp KZ000A0H0930 main shares стандарт 20.11.18
ALBNb5 KZ2C00006062 main debt securities bonds 06.05.20
CCBNb18 KZ2C00000545 main debt securities bonds 21.12.07
CCBNb20 KZ2C00000560 main debt securities bonds 09.02.09 KASE_BM*
CCBNb23 KZ2C00000594 main debt securities bonds 31.03.10
CCBNb27 KZ2C00003317 main debt securities bonds 28.09.15
CCBNb28 KZ2C00003424 main debt securities bonds 05.10.15
CCBNb29 KZ2C00004083 main debt securities bonds 08.01.18
CCBNb30 KZ2C00004158 main debt securities bonds 26.02.18
CCBNb32 KZ2C00004554 main debt securities bonds 20.02.19
CCBNb33 KZ2C00007714 main debt securities облигации 18.11.21
CCBNb34 KZ2C00008621 main debt securities облигации
CCBNe3 XS0245586903 main debt securities bonds 26.05.10
Trading code:
List of securities:
official, main board, category "bonds"
System of quotation:
clean price
Unit of quotation:
nominal value percentage fraction
Quotation currency:
Quotation accuracy:
4 characters
Number of securities in one lot:
Trade lists admission date:
Trade opening date:
Market Makers:
Bond's name:
subordinate coupon bonds
Current coupon rate, % APR:
Currency of issue and service:
Nominal value in issue's currency:
1 000,00
Number of registered bonds:
60 000 000
Issue volume, KZT:
60 000 000 000
Number of bonds outstanding:
60 000 000
Issue's number in state register:
Issue registration date:
Program's number in state register:
Program registration date:
Currency of program registration:
Program's volume, KZT:
250 000 000 000
Object and type of convertation:
conversion to common shares
Coupon rate type:
Settlement basis (days in month / days in year:
Date of circulation start:
Circulation term, years:
Circulation term, days:
5 400
Date of the previous coupon payment:
Number of days till nearest coupon payment:
Registry fixation date of the nearest coupon payment:
Period of the next coupon payment:
03.11.22 – 11.11.22
Coupon payment schedule:
Register fixation date at maturity:
Principal repayment period:
Bondholders’ representative:
Centras Securities JSC
Central securities depository JSC (Almaty)
Highlighted news contain information on the company ratings
23.09.22 11:54 Bank CenterCredit did not pay 14th coupon on bonds KZ2C00003317 (CCBNb27) due to absence in circulation
20.09.22 15:27 From September 21, issuer on bonds KZ2C00006062 (ALBNb5) of Eco Center Bank (SB of Bank CenterCredit) will be replaced in trading system and databases of KASE
16.09.22 18:08 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund on September 16 raised KZT14.9 bn on KASE by placing bonds KZ2C00008688 (KFUSb38) with yield to maturity of 15.47 % APR
16.09.22 09:24 Special trading session for offering of 20.0 mln bonds KZ2C00008688 (KFUSb38) of Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund is held on KASE today
15.09.22 11:33 BCC Invest announces payment of dividends to holders of units KZPF00000231 (BCCIrb) of IUIT "CenterCredit – Razumny balance" for June–August 2022
14.09.22 15:41 Special trading session for offering of 20.0 mln bonds KZ2C00008688 (KFUSb38) of Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund will be held on KASE on September 16
09.09.22 18:02 Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund on September 9 raised KZT9.7 bn on KASE by placing bonds KZ2C00008670 (KFUSb37) with weighted average yield to maturity of 15.46 % APR
09.09.22 09:23 Special trading session for offering of 10.0 mln bonds KZ2C00008670 (KFUSb37) of Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund is held on KASE today
08.09.22 16:42 Shareholders of Bank CenterCredit and Eco Center Bank (SB of Bank CenterCredit) approve transfer act as part of voluntary accession of Eco Center Bank (SB of Bank CenterCredit) to Bank CenterCredit
07.09.22 15:45 From September 7, Eco Center Bank (SB of Bank CenterCredit) stripped of KASE membership in "currency" and "stock" categories
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