Trade Information

Indices of series KZGB_DPm1m

KZGB_DPm1m Settlement Date Last value Change to previous value, % Change from the beginning of the month, % Change from the beginning of the year, %
KZGB_DPm1m 23.07.24 1 046,08 +0,34 +0,96
KZGB_Ym1m 23.07.24 12,92 -0,46 -0,54
Duration 23.07.24 4,04 +0,25 -0,49
ModDuration 23.07.24 3,59 +0,28 -0,28
KZGB_DPm1m – total income index (taking into account the accrued, paid coupon payment), reflecting the change in the value of non-indexed government securities of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan with a maturity of 31 days or more, KZT
  • KZGB_Ym1m - yield indicator, %,
  • Duration – index duration, in years,
  • ModDuration – modified duration,
  • Index update time: daily from 11:30 am to 8:00 pm (GMT +05:00)
  • Index change: calculated when the indicator is published relative to the value of the previous trading day
(Currently, a representative list with calculation parameters is published in the public domain. The Exchange reserves the right to transfer the publication of the specified list to its own information products)