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Listed companies

Listed companies

Status of listed company - is the new important level in your company

To detail with available options to raise the capital and requirements with the disclosure of information

Who market maker is?

If you are interested in increasing of liquidity of securities of company you should read the definition "Market Maker".

Market Maker - an Exchange Member, who assigned Market Maker Status for particular securities, who accordingly accepts obligation to announce and maintain purchase and sell quotations for those securities as well as other obligations ensuing from holding by that Exchange member of the status of a market-maker for financial instruments of that title

Status of market maker is available for an Exchange Members, who have "Stock" category. Also the security can be assigned by the multiple market makers

Market maker functions

  • Market Makers Activities provide demand and supply of securities, create conditions for a high level of liquidity, avoid sharp rise of the prices of securities and retain the amount of the spread;
  • Market Maker has obligations to announce and quote rates for byiung and selling the securities they deal in;
  • In a purpose of constant demand and supply to securities, market maker takes risk of buying and keeping security on his own account.


Sometime, securities placed on primary market has high demand from investors, can lose attractiveness and significantly decreased in price. On capitalization of company, and limits the possibilities of additional public offering. That is why issuers who are interested in high liquidity of their securities, should hire market maker in advance