Trade Information


Last data time 19.01.2021 17:15:00
Last value 8,13
Change from the beginning of the month -0,32
Minimum in 52 weeks 7,61
Historically min. value 0,01
Transaction volume, bn KZT 316,6
Market status Closed
Change to previous value -0,06
Change from the beginning of the year -0,32
Maximum in 52 weeks 13,48
Historically max. value 317,95
Transactions amount, m USD 753,4

The TONIA (Tenge OverNight Index Average) indicator represents the weighted average interest rate on repo opening deals for one business day, concluded on the Exchange in the automatic repo sector with securities of the GS basket. From 01.01.10 to 25.12.20 the indicator is recalculated after the conclusion of each transaction, starting from 28.12.20 the indicator value is calculated at the end of each trading day


Unit of measurement: % per annum

Indicator update time: daily on business days after the end of trading from 17:00 to 20:00 (GMT +06: 00)

Indicator change: calculated when the indicator is published relative to the value of the previous trading day