On April 25, subscription for bonds KZ2P00011141 (FPSTb4) of BASS Gold will be held on KASE

23.04.24 16:09
Freedom Finance JSC) (Almaty) acts as the seller during the subscription to these bonds. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Type of securities: coupon bonds ISIN: KZ2P00011141 KASE trade code: FPSTb4 Face value, US dollar: 100.00 Issue volume, US dollar: – registered: 10,000,000 – placed (at par): – Circulation start date: date of the first successful trading on bond offering Last circulation day: will be determined later Repayment start date: will be determined later Maturity: 2 years (720 days) Coupon rate: 12.00 % APR Coupon payment periodicity: twice a year Coupon payment start dates: will be determined later Time base: 30 / 360 ------------------------------------ ---------------------------- Subscription date: 25.04.24 Nominal placement volume, US dollar: 8,500,000 Type of purchase order: limit Order collection time: 10:30–14:30 Date and time of transactions: 25.04.24, 15:30 Date and time of settlements: 25.04.24, 15:30 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Orders for participation in the subscription are submitted only through KASE members of the "stock" category. The full list of KASE members by category is available at http://kase.kz/en/membership Settlements are carried out by Central Securities Depository JSC. The Rules for subscription to securities are available at http://kase.kz/files/normative_base/rules_ipo_eng.pdf More detailed information about the issue of these bonds is available at https://kase.kz/en/bonds/show/FPSTb4 [2024-04-23]