19.09.23 09:00
/KASE, September 19, 2023, September 12, 2023 news repeat/ – Kazakhstan Stock Exchange announces the 2022 annual reports competition. The Competition is held from September 1 to December 29, 2023 and is aimed at developing the practice of preparing non-financial reporting in Kazakhstan. Any legal entities registered in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan can take part in the competition. Judges of the competition will assess annual reports and sustainable development reports of legal entities admitted to the competition for 2022. The winners and prize-winners of the competition will be awarded with diplomas and certificates. To be admitted to the competition, legal entities have to submit the following documents no later than October 15, 2023: 1) an application for participation in the competition according to the form https://kase.kz/files/mix/application_2022.doc; 2) the annual report for 2022 in Russian, as well as in English and Kazakh, if available; 3) 2022 Sustainability Report, if available. An application for participation in the competition is submitted by sending a signed electronic version of the application in PDF and DOC formats to monitoring@kase.kz. If in the application for participation in the competition, for one reason or another, no URL links to the annual/sustainable development report for 2022 were provided or they are inactive, such reports are sent electronically in PDF format to the monitoring@kase.kz or are provided on an electronic carrier at the address of KASE. Stages of the competition: - accepting applications for the competition; - evaluation of materials by the expert commission; - determination of the winners of the competition by the expert commission; - rewarding the winners of the competition. Main nominations: 1) The best annual report in the financial sector; 2) The best annual report in the non-financial sector; 3) The best Sustainability Report. Additional nominations: 1) The best annual report of a private non-financial company; 2) The best annual report of a non-public company. A participant of the competition may be suspended from participation in the competition at any stage in case of discovering the fact that this participant of the competition provided inaccurate information, as well as unethical behavior on his part during the period of the competition. The terms of the competition can be found at https://kase.kz/files/mix/KASE_annual_reports_competition_rules.pdf [2023-09-19]