KASE Index rose 0.01% to 2,674.72 on June 30

30.06.22 19:57
/KASE, June 30, 2022/ – According to the results of trades in shares on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) on June 30, 2022, the value of KASE Index increased by 0.27 points (0.01%) from 2 674.45 to 2 674.72. The first trade of the day fixed the index at 2,674.45. In the course of trading, the maximum value of the index was 2 674.72. The minimum was 2 653.93. Volume of deals in shares, included into KASE Index representative list, decreased on June 30 relative to previous trading day by 36.0% and equaled KZT22.1m (USD47.59 th.). KASE Index calculation basis dynamics by trade results -------------------------------------------------------------- Closing price, tenge per share* Trading --------------------------- Change Share "influence" Code of ------------- ------------- in on share June 30, 2022 June 29,2022 price,% Index,% ------- ------------- ------------- -------- ----------------- CCBN 430.54 419.90 +2.5 8.9 HSBK 114.79 114.45 +0.3 16.7 KCEL 1,098.43 1,099.16 -0.1 13.2 KEGC 1,605.00 1,610.00 -0.3 11.4 KSPI 24,240.00 24,441.99 -0.8 13.3 KZAP 12,038.00 12,156.00 -1.0 14.5 KZTK 26,999.98 27,099.99 -0.4 14.9 KZTO 685.00 676.00 +1.3 7.2 -------------------------------------------------------------- * The closing price per share shall be determined once a day at the close of trading and shall be determined as the closing auction price for the shares of that denomination in accordance with the Regulation on Trading and Clearing Systems Trading Methods. If no closing price is determined during the auction, or if no such auction was held, the price of the last transaction shall be used as the closing price. KASE Index change ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Change: --------------------- ----- --------------- Period in % in % per annum* ------------------------------------------------------- ----- --------------- For the last month +0.5 +5.4 Since the beginning of the current year (from 01.01.22) -27.2 -54.9 Since last 365 days (year) -20.0 -20.0 Over 2021 +13.2 +13.2 For 2020 +37.4 +37.4 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- * the yield is calculated on an actual/365 basis. The last index value recorded on KASE on that day is used as KASE Index value for any day. It should be reminded that value of KASE Index reflects change of prices of shares, included into representative list for calculation of this index, taking into account the capitalisation of their issuers and the number of these shares in free float. KASE Index value is calculated during the trading day as deals are made in shares of those names, which are in the representative list for calculation of this index. If there are no deals during the trading day, parameters of which are necessary for calculation of KASE Index value, for the purpose of such calculation the results of the last successful trading session are used. KASE Index page is available on KASE website at http://kase.kz/en/stock_market/index_kase/ The text of the Stock Market Indicator Calculation Methodology is available at http://www.kase.kz/files/normative_base/indicators_met.pdf For a full list of share trade codes with the names of their issuers are available at http://kase.kz/en/tickers/ [2022-06-30]