Repeated special trading session for offering of 52nd issue of MEOKAM-060 (KZK200000679, MOM060_0052) is held on KASE today

26.11.21 09:15
/KASE, November 25, 2021/ – As announced earlier, a repeated special trading session for the offering of government mid-term treasury bonds of Kazakhstan's Ministry of Finance (MEOKAM) is held in the trading system of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) today on the terms below (Nur-Sultan time). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Security type: МЕOКАМ-060 ISIN: KZK200000679 Issue order number: 0052 / 060 KASE trade code: MOM060_0052 Face value, tenge: 1,000.00 Number of outstanding bonds, pcs.: 168,459,152 Circulation start date: 04.08.21 Circulation end day: 03.08.26 Maturity date: 04.08.26 Circulation term: 5 years (1,800 days) Coupon rate: 10.50 % APR Coupon payment periodicity: twice a year Coupon payment schedule: 1 04.02.22 2 04.08.22 3 06.02.23 4 04.08.23 5 05.02.24 6 05.08.24 7 04.02.25 8 04.08.25 9 04.02.26 10 04.08.26 Time base: 30 / 360 ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ Trade date: November 26, 2021 Current maturity: 4.7 years (1,688 days) Declared offering volume, mln KZT: 25,000.0 Trade subject: "clean" price Market order execution ratio, %*: 70 Order submission method: closed Order collection time: 09:00–11:00 Order confirmation time: 09:00–11:00 Cut-off time: before 15:00 (Т+0) Payment date and time: November 26, 2021, 15:00 Method of execution of limit offset orders: in accordance with item 6 of Article 28 of the Regulations on the Methods of Conducting Trades in TCSs Method of execution of limit orders: at prices of limit offset orders equal to the cut-off price or those more favorable for the seller Method of execution of market orders: at weighted average price -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * In accordance with the Regulations on methods of trading in trading and clearing systems, submission of market orders is possible only after a trading participant submits limit orders for the purposes of ensuring the permissible percentage of market orders submission per trading participant; in this case withdrawal of a limit order is prohibited, if the permissible percentage of market orders per trading participant is violated. As the price an order must indicate the "clean" (without taking into account accrued interest) price of the bond in percentage of the face value, expressed with accuracy of up to the fourth decimal place. Trading participants must by the time indicated in the table provide money available at the money account used for settlement on deals in securities in accordance with the set of rules of the Central Securities Depository (Almaty), in the amount sufficient to pay for acquired treasury obligations (based on the assumption that all orders submitted by trading participants and accepted by KASE are subject to execution). At full or partial execution of orders submitted, the payment of the respective amount must be carried out in accordance with the Rules on placement of government treasury obligations of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The text of said Rules is available at The Rules of issue, placement, circulation, service and maturity of government treasury obligations of the Republic of Kazakhstan are available at The Regulations on Methods of Trading in the Trading and Clearing Systems are available at – Details of the said bond issue are available at [2021-11-26]