30.11.20 17:54
/KASE, November 30, 2020/ – The Committee on Indexes and Securities Valuation of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) in accordance with the Methodology of Stock Market Indicators Calculation (Methodology) took a decision to include as of December 2, 2020 the following bonds in the universe for calculation of indicators of KASE_BM* series: 1) KZ2C00006864 (BRKZb19) of Development Bank of Kazakhstan; 2) KZ2C00006781 (KAFIb10) of KazAgroFinance; 3) KZ2C00006906 (KFUSb1) Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund; 4) KZ2C00006948 (KFUSb2) Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund; 5) KZ2C00006955 (KFUSb3) Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund. These bonds meet all requirements of the Methodology. Additionally, the Committee made a decision to exclude bonds KZ2C00002426 (CAEPb1) of Central Asian Electric Power Corporation from the KASE_BM* representative list. The mentioned bonds were excluded from the KASE_BM list as there will be no market-maker for them effective December 3, 2020. According to clause 6 of article 6 of the Methodology, provided that securities do not meet one or several criteria to be listed in the representative list of KASE_BM series, the Committee has the right to exclude these securities from the KASE_BM* list. In accordance with the Methodology, once every three months KASE revises universes for calculation of stock market indicators of: 1) the main market (series KASE_BM*) – index of clean prices KASE_BMC and yield indicator KASE_BMY; 2) the alternative market (series KASE_BA*) – index of clean prices KASE_BAC and yield indicator KASE_BAY. As of December 2, 2020 the universe of indicators of series KASE_BM* will consist of bonds of 38 titles. There are no bonds of the alternative market to be included in the list of indicators of series KASE_BA*. We remind you that the calculation of series KASE_BA* indicators was suspended from January 26, 2018 due to absence of representative selection for the calculation of said indicators, since according to the Methodology the total number of corporate bonds must be at least four. Said lists are available on KASE website at The Methodology is available on KASE website at [2020-11-30]