Trade Information

The issuer defaulted on coupon bonds KZNHb2 ,the debt fully repaid April 29, 09.

Telephone: (727) 277 76 01, 277 76 02, 277 76 03
Fax: (727) 277 76 00, 277 77 07
5, Al-Farabi ave, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan, 050059
Primary activity:
prospecting and development of oil and gas fields, oil operations, including prospecting, drilling, extraction, preparation, transportation, marketing and sale; refining of oil and gas, oil products manufacturing; seismic and other geophysical researches and studies; trade in oil products on domestic and foreign markets; petrochemistry products manufacturing; design, construction and exploitation of industrial explosible and inflammable and mining practices, electrical stations, electric power lines and substations, water development works, oil and mains, lifting equipment, and building and operation of boilers, vessels, mains operating under pressure
Chief executive officer:
Edyl Kirishev General director
Printed sources:
Kazakhstanskaya pravda, Panorama
Currently securities of the Kazneftehim JSC are not listed on the KASE