Trade Information

Indicator KASE_BAY

10,64 % APR

Calculation is stopped from January 26, 2018 due to absence of representative sample

Last data time 25.01.2018 17:39:44
Last value 10,64
Change from the beginning of the month
Minimum in 52 weeks 10,64
Historically min. value 10,64
Market status Closed
Change to previous value
Change from the beginning of the year
Maximum in 52 weeks 12,17
Historically max. value 12,17

Yield index of corporate bonds of the alternative market.

Measurement unit: % per annum.
Indicator update time: daily on working days after the completion of trading, from 17:00 to 20:00.
Indicator "lifetime": 1 working day.
Indicator trend's "lifetime": 1 working day.