Shareholders of Astana-Finance JSC (Kazakhstan) approved increasing of the company's liabilities

16.01.06 20:10
/KASE, January 16, 06/ - Astana-Finance JSC (Astana, hereinafter - company), whose securities are circulating in Kazakhstan stock exchange's (KASE) official "A" listing category, has presented to KASE a copy of the minutes of the prescheduled general shareholders meeting, which was held on December 20 of 2005. According to the agenda company's shareholders approved a new edition of its charter, and decided to: - approve decisions of the company's Board of directors, concerning making deals, which will result in increase of the company's liabilities, also big deals, including: - with Bank TuranAlem JSC - on increase of sizes of two credit lines to 28.5 and to 40.0 m. US dollars correspondingly, promissory notes registration limit - to KZT2.0 bn.; - with Kazkommertsbank JSC - on increase of promissory notes registration limit to KZT2.0 bn.; - with SB Alfa-Bank JSC - on increase of the size of a credit line to USD7.0 m.; - eurobond issue within USD100.0-150.0 m.; - borrowing loans from foreign banks within USD100.0-120.0 m; - approve a deal with Atameken-Agro LLP on financing the project of building grain elevators for a total of USD8.7 m.; - approve following deals with Leasing company Astana-finance JSC: - on financing purchase of facilities for a total of KZT5.9 m. and USD3.6 m.; - on giving in trust management rights of claims on financial leasing agreements for a total of KZT3.8 bn.; - on selling rights of claims on financial leasing agreements for a total of KZT4.5 bn.; - on giving loans for purchasing rights of claims on financial leasing agreements for a total of KZT4.3 bn.; - on selling facilities, which are on the company's balance, for a total of KZT262.8 m.; - making agreement for rendering services on registration of facilities sale deals; - approve limit for making deals with affiliated entities in the amount of KZT100.0 m.; - approve deals on payment of shares of Leasing company Astana- finance JSC with property (three cars), for determination of the cost of which get two independent estimators - Astana-GRAND LLP (Astana) and Premier-otsenka LLP (Uralsk). Company's primary activities - loan operations: granted of credits in money form; other operations, stipulated by banking legislation: rent of premises with lessor property rights for rented premises during the whole period of agreement (leasing); factoring operations: acquiring of chose in action for payment from buyer of goods (works, services) taking risks of nonpayment; other types of activity according to Charter and available licenses. [2006-01-16]