KazAgroTrade+ LLP (Kazakhstan) about the 1st coupon payment on its KZ2PKY03B580 (KATRb1) issue bonds

27.12.05 20:38
/KASE, December 27, 05/ - KazAgroTrade+ LLP (Astana) has informed Kazakhstan stock exchange (KASE) by the official letter that on December 27 of 2005 it paid the first coupon to holders of its KZ2PKY03B580 issue bonds (KASE's official "B" listing category, KATRb1; KZT1,000, KZT2.0 bn.; June 23, 05 - June 23, 08, semi-annual coupon indexed on inflation rate, 14.00% APR for the reporting period). According to issue terms interest of bonds of облигациям KazAgroTrade+ LLP is paid within 10 working days following register fixation date (December 22). The issuer's message says coupon has been charged in the amount of KZT140,000,000. Total payments excluding tax at the source of the payment totaled KZT127,225,343. Judging on the mentioned amount of charging, the whole volume of registered bonds was in circulation by register fixation date. [2005-12-27]