ATFBank JSC (Kazakhstan) successfully completed a deal on eurobonds issue for USD200 m. for 5 years, coupon is 8.125% APR

31.10.05 16:15
/ATFBank JSC, October 31, 05/ - In October of 2005 ATFBank issued international bonds for USD200 m., maturity term is in year 2010. Lead-managers of the issue are Deutsche Bank and HSBC. Coupon rate is 8.125% APR. Wihtin this issue ATFBank JSC held an auction on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange Inc. in order to offer the Bank's Eurobonds to Kazakhstan investors. International bonds of ATFBankа have been assigned following ratings: Moody's - "Ba1", S&P - "B+", Fitch - "B+". Amount of order book exceeded USD200 m. and contained orders from 60 investors. Geographic spreading is as follows: Singapore - 28%, Great Britain - 15%; Eastern Europe - 13%; Switzerland - 10%: Germany and Austria - 7%, Hong Kong - 7%, Offshore American accounts - 5%, the other part of Europe - 15%. By the number of investors, private banks/and physical persons take - 35%, banks - 30%, fund managers - 25%, insurance companies - 8%, other - 2%. This is the fourth eurobond issue of ATFBankа on the international market. Debut one, for US$ 100 млн. with 8.5% coupon, which is to be redeemed in 2007, which was organized by ING, was made in April of 2004, and the second - for USD200 m. with 8.875% coupon, maturity date of which is in year 2009 - was organized by CSFB and HSBC in November of 2004. In April of this year there was made the third offering of international bonds for USD200 m., maturity dater is in year 2012. Lead-manager of the seven-year issue of ATFBankа is CSFB. Coupon rate on the bonds is 9.25% APR. ATFBank JSC is a universal financial institution offering to its clients services on leasing, insurance and pension provision, rendered by companies- partners: ATF - Leasing, ATF-Policy and APF Otan. At present 18 branch offices and 16 cash-settlement offices of the bank are functioning in Kazakhstan. ATFBank has a bank-partner in Kyrgyzstan - Energobank OJSC, and a representative office in Moscow and plans to purchase commercial bank Siberia in Omsk. ATFBank develops consumer crediting, finances big industrial ventures. It pays a special attention on financing small and medium Kazakhstan business, due to the Bank's funds as well as in cooperation with European bank for reconstruction and development (EBRD), German Credit institution for economic recovery (KfW), Asian Development Bank (ADB), The World Bank (WB). ATFBank is the first financial institution of Kazakhstan, which has received from EBRD authorities on independent management of small and medium business crediting process. ATFBank is a participant of EBRD's programs such as Trade Facilitation Program and Warehouse Receipt Program, the bank also actively cooperates with international export credit agencies. The tight partner relations with leading foreign banks let make quick transfer of funds around the world, serve cards VISA International, EuroСard/MasterCard, American Express, issue full range of own VISA cards. For 10 years of work ATFBank has achieved significant results in all spheres of banking activity and has become a powerful financial group of companies of modern type, in which over 2000 persons work and offer a wide range of financial products and constantly expand the range and scales. ATFBank is the fourth by assets financial institution of Kazakhstan. As of September 1 of 2005 the bank's assets were USD2 bn. 70 m., and equity capital is about USD189 m. As regards bank's profit, it's about USD14 m. Development of new directions of business, decreasing of expenses and constant introduction of newest banking technologies - these are the tasks, which the bank faces regardless of the level of achievements. [2005-10-31]