Changes in the Board of Eurasian bank JSC (Kazakhstan)

12.10.05 20:02
/KASE, October 12, 05/ - Eurasian bank JSC (Almaty, hereinafter - bank), whose bonds are circulating in Kazakhstan stock exchange's (KASE) official "A" listing category, has presented KASE a copy of extract from the minutes of the conference of its Board of directors dated September 30, 2005. According to submitted document bank's Board of directors decreed (hereinafter quotation from the above document is given): - "To elect Azamat A. Tleubayev as a member of the Board of Eurasian bank JSC and appoint as an acting deputy Chairman of the Board since October 3, 2005. - To determine terms of labor payment and awarding bonuses as per concluded contract. - To coordinate candidature of Mr. Tleubayev A.A. in Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for regulation and supervision of financial market and financial organizations. From the moment of coordination Mr. Tleubayev Z.A. is appointed as deputy Chairman of the Board of Eurasian bank JSC." [2005-10-12]