TuranAlem Securities JSC (Kazakhstan) says Tsesnabank JSC (Kazakhstan) paid the 1st coupon on its first issue bonds

24.11.04 11:08
/KASE, November 24, 04/ - TuranAlem Securities JSC (Almaty), which is the financial consultant of Tsesnabank JSC (Astana) on bringing this company's bonds of the first issue (KZ2CKY03B120; KASE's official "A" listing category, TSBNb1; KZT1, KZT1,500.0 m; May 18, 04 - May 18, 07, indexed by the level of inflation semi-annual coupon, 9.0% APR for the current period) to organized market, has informed KASE with the letter about the fact that on November 19, 2004 Tsesnabank JSC paid the first coupon premium to holders of above bonds. According to terms of emission premium on these bonds is to be paid during 10 working days, following after the date of register fixation (November 17). Information of TuranAlem Securities JSC notes that the bank fulfilled charging of coupon yield for the amount of KZT57,937,500. Total payments with deductions of tax at the source of payment equaled to KZT54,285,750. Judging on the mentioned amount of coupon payment on depo-accounts of bonders there were 81.4% of registered bonds in circulation at register fixation date. [2004-11-24]