KASE to open trades over bonds of MINING-SMELTING METTALURGICAL CONCERN KAZAKHALTYN OJSC of the first issue on June 10

09.06.04 22:55
/KASE, June 9, 04/ - By the decision of Kazakhstan stock exchange's (KASE) Board on June 10, 2004 KASE will open trades over inflation - protected and indexed on tenge devaluation bonds of MINING-SMELTING METALLURGICAL CONCERN KAZAKHALTYN OJSC (Stepnogorsk) of the first issue. Parameters of the first emission: KZ2CKY05B133, trade code is KZALb1, KZT1, KZT2.8 bn, June 2, 04 - June 2, 06, semi annual coupon of 9.0% APR of indexed value for the first coupon period, and floating afterwards, 30/360. Quotation accuracy of KZALb1 in the trade system is four decimal points of net bonds price expressed in percents of face value. Market-maker status over assigned to Financial Company REAL-INVEST.kz JSC (Almaty). Minimal volume of obligatory quotations for the market maker is 1,800,000 bonds. The shares were included in "A" listing category of KASE on June 2, 2004. Detailed information about the securities and the issuer, including conclusion of KASE's Listing commission, prospect of emission and investment memorandum located at http://www.kase.kz/emitters/kzal.asp. [2004-06-09]