From July 10, addition to Methodology for calculating bond yields and amounts of bond transactions will come into effect

10.07.24 16:23
/KASE, July 10, 2024/ – By a decision of the Management Board of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange ( KASE ) dated July 9, 2024, addition No. 5 (addition) to KASE's internal document "Methodology for calculating bond yields and bond transaction amounts" (Methodology) was approved, which comes into force on July 10, 2024. The addition establishes that for bonds with unequal coupon payment periods, the yield calculated in accordance with the Methodology is an indicative figure, and when calculating the amount of a bond transaction, the main parameter is the "clean" price both on the primary market and on the secondary securities market. The updated text of the Methodology will be published on KASE website at (the "Methodology" tab). [2024-07-10]