First Heartland Jusan Bank announces payment by Batys tranzit of 18th coupon on bonds KZ000A0T88N8 (BTTRb1)

25.04.24 16:21
/KASE, April 25, 2024/ – First Heartland Jusan Bank JSC (Almaty), being a representative of holders of infrastructure bonds KZ000A0T88N8 (KASE main market, category "bonds", BTTRb1) of Batys tranzit JSC (Almaty, hereinafter – the Issuer), has informed Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) about the following: quote ... on April 16, 2024 the Issuer made a coupon interest payment on bonds in the amount of 1,323,876,823.50 ... tenge for the 18th coupon period to all holders of bonds NIN KZ000A0T88N8. unquote [2024-04-25]