As of April 3, trading in international bonds US298785JM97 (EIB_e2) of European Investment Bank and US045167FE86 (ASDBe16) of Asian Development Bank opens on KASE

02.04.24 14:40
/KASE, April 2, 2024/ – Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) announces that as of April 3, 2024, trading in the following international bonds opens on KASE: 1) US298785JM97 (sector "securities of international financial organizations"; EIB_e2; $4.0 bn; 27.04.21 – 24.07.24, semi-annual coupon, 0.375 % per annum; 30/360) of the European Investment Bank; 2) US045167FE86 (sector "securities of international financial organizations", ASDBe16; $4.0 bn; 09.06.21 – 11.06.24, semi-annual coupon, 0.375 % per annum; 30/360) of the Asian Development Bank. The accuracy of quotation of these bonds in KASE's trading system is set to the fourth decimal place of the bond's "clean" price, expressed as a percentage of the par value; the quotation currency is the US dollar. More detailed information on these bond issues is published at and [2024-04-02]