From March 20, bonds KZ2C00011021 (FIVEb5) of FIVE BROKERS' CAPITAL will be transferred to trading mode in "clean" prices

19.03.24 14:36
/KASE, March 19, 2024/ – Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) announces that from March 20, 2024, bonds KZ2C00011021 (KASE alternative market, "commercial bonds" category, FIVEb5; KZT100; KZT200.0 mln; 11.03.24 – 11.03.25; quarterly coupon, 25.00 % per annum; 30/360) of FIVE BROKERS' CAPITAL LLP (Almaty) will be transferred to the trading mode in "clean" prices. Quotation accuracy of the mentioned bonds in KASE's trading system is set to four decimal places of the bond's "clean" price, expressed as a percentage of the face value, the quotation currency is the Kazakh tenge. [2024-03-19]