28.12.23 16:02
/KASE, December 28, 2023/ – According to KASE's internal document "Methodology for Determining Liquidity Indicators of Securities", Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) approved January 2024 lists of first, second and third liquidity class shares, depositary receipts and securities of investment funds selected from those listed on KASE (hereinafter – Securities lists). The Securities lists were approved by a decision of the Committee for Indices and Indicators dated December 25, 2023 and generated in order to apply the norms of KASE's internal documents to the securities contained in them. The first liquidity class securities list valid from January 1 to January 31, 2024 consists of 50 securities. Compared with the current list of securities of the first liquidity class, which was formed for December 2023, the list includes: 1) common shares US4781601046 (sector "KASE Global", JNJ_KZ) of Johnson & Johnson; 2) securities ETF US4642895118 (sector "KASE Global", IGLB_KZ) of iShares 10+ Year Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF; 3) securities ETF US4642867075 (sector "KASE Global", EWQ_KZ) of iShares MSCI France ETF; 4) common shares KZ1C00001213 (sector "unlisted securities", KASE) of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange JSC; 5) common shares US6541061031 (sector "KASE Global", NKE_KZ) of NIKE, Inc.; 6) units KZPF00000140 (sector "securities of investment funds", FHJIpc) of IUIT "allEM" managed by First Heartland Jusan Invest JSC. The following securities were removed from the first-class liquidity list, which was formed for December 2023: 1) common shares US92343V1044 (sector "KASE Global", VZ_KZ) of Verizon Communications Inc.; 2) securities ETF US4642885135 (sector "KASE Global", HYG_KZ) of iShares iBoxx $ High Yield Corporate Bond ETF; 3) common shares US67066G1040 (sector "KASE Global", NVDA_KZ) of NVIDIA Corp.; 4) common shares KZ1C00001288 (KASE alternative market, sector "shares", AKZM) of Aktobe Metalware Plant JSC; 5) common shares KZ1C00000256 (KASE alternative market, sector "shares", IFDR) of Teniz Capital Investment Banking JSC; 6) securities ETF US4642872422 (sector "KASE Global", LQD_KZ) of iShares iBoxx $ Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF. January 2024 lists of first, second and third liquidity class securities are available on KASE website at https://kase.kz/files/normative_base/liquid_2024_jan_eng.pdf December 2023 lists of first, second and third liquidity class securities are available at https://kase.kz/files/normative_base/liquid_2023_dec_eng.pdf The Methodology for Determining Liquidity Indicators of Securities is available at http://kase.kz/files/normative_base/metodika_liquid_eng.pdf [2023-12-28]