Capital Leasing Group raised KZT3.0 bn on KASE through subscription, placing three-year bonds KZ2P00010192 (CLSGb3) at 21.50 % per annum

31.10.23 18:15
/KASE, October 31, 2023/ – An initial offering of bonds KZ2P00010192 (KASE alternative market, "bonds" category, CLSGb3; KZT1,000, KZT3.0 bn; 10.31.23 – 31.10.26; 30/360) of Capital Leasing Group LLP (Almaty) was carried out today in KASE's trading system by way of subscription to them. Freedom Finance JSC (Almaty) acted as the seller during the subscription to these bonds. Bonds with a nominal volume of KZT3,000,000,000 were offered for placement. As part of the subscription, only limit orders were accepted. Orders under the subscription were accepted on October 31, 2023 from 10:30 to 14:30 o'clock, Astana time. Two KASE members took part in the trading (the number of participant accounts is 156). In total, 396 limit orders were submitted to the trading system, of which 156 orders in the amount of KZT3,000.0 mln were considered active at the end of the order collection. The yield to maturity in the submitted active order was 21.50% per annum. Demand during the subscription was 100.0 % of offer. In the total volume of active orders, legal entities accounted for 11.2 %, individuals – for 88.8 %. Based on the results of the offering, all active orders for a total amount of KZT3,000,000,000.0 were executed. The issuer placed 3,000,000 bonds, determining the yield to maturity at 21.50 % per annum. According to the data of Central Securities Depository JSC (Almaty), transactions based on the results of the subscription to the specified bonds were settled by the time of publication of this information, the subscription was completed. [2023-10-31]