From October 12, common shares KZ1C00008077 (FHSE) of First Heartland Securities excluded from KASE official list at issuer initiative

12.10.23 09:10
/KASE, October 12, 2023/ – By a decision of the Listing Commission of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) dated October 11, 2023, common shares KZ1C00008077 (KASE main market, "standard" category, FHSE) of First Heartland Securities JSC (Almaty) were excluded from KASE official list. This decision of the Listing Commission comes into effect on October 12, 2023. This decision was made on the basis of an application by First Heartland Securities JSC for the voluntary delisting of these shares from KASE official list. The specified shares were included in the "shares" sector of KASE official list's alternative market from April 1, 2021, and from September 8, 2022, they had been in the "standard" category of KASE official list's main market. Trading in them opened on June 24, 2021. [2023-10-12]