Bonds KZMJ00001618 (ABK006_161) of local executive body of Aqtobe region included in KASE official list's sector "Government Securities" from September 27

27.09.23 10:39
/KASE, September 27, 2023/ – Following a decision of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) Management Board, from September 27, 2023 bonds KZMJ00001618 (KZT1,000, KZT2,000,000,000.00; 6 months; semi-annual coupon, 4.25 % APR; 30/360) of the local executive body of Aqtobe region are included in the "Government securities" sector of KASE official list. The said bonds were assigned an abbreviation (ticker) ABK006_161. These bonds were issued in order to implement government programs. More details of the said bonds are available at [2023-09-27]