KASE delegates clearing and settlement activities on stock market to KASE Clearing Center

25.09.23 18:00
/KASE, September 25, 2023/ – Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE, or the Exchange) has delegated its clearing and settlement functions, as well as the central counterparty functions, to a 100 % subsidiary of the Exchange – KASE Clearing Center JSC (KACC). The split of functions of the exchange market infrastructure was carried out in order to create the best conditions for issuers and investors, including private and institutional investors, when they carry out transactions on the organized market, to introduce the best global practices and achieve applicable international standards, as well as to delimit risks of the exchange market infrastructure. KACC's clearing participants include 42 financial organizations – members of KASE in the "stock" category. More than 1,500 financial instruments were accepted for clearing services, including 989 issues of securities of 253 issuers included in KASE official list. A joint press release of KASE and KACC dedicated to this event will be published at https://kase.kz/en/press_releases/ and https://kacc.kase.kz/en/press-releases/ [2023-09-25]