From September 7, KASE excluded bonds KZ2P00007883 (MFKMb1) of Microfinance Organization "KMF" from representative list of indicators of KASE_BM* series due to maturity

07.09.23 11:38
/KASE, September 7, 2023/ – Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) has excluded bonds KZ2P00007883 (MFKMb1) of Microfinance Organization "KMF" LLP from the representative list for calculating indicators of the corporate bond market of the main market (KASE_BM* series) from September 7, 2023 (September 7 – record date). From September 7, 2023, the representative list of KASE_BM* series indicators will consist of bonds of 63 names. KASE_BMY – corporate bond yield index. KASE_BMC – corporate bond price index calculated according to bonds' prices without account to accrued interest thereon (at "clean" prices). The said indicator is calculated by KASE once a day according to results of trades in corporate bonds. The Methodology is available on KASE website at [2023-09-07]