From August 31, KASE excluded bonds KZ2C00001188 (EUBNb5) of Eurasian Bank from representative list of indicators of KASE_BM* series due to maturity

31.08.23 11:19
/KASE, August 31, 2023/ – Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) has excluded bonds KZ2C00001188 (EUBNb5) of Eurasian Bank JSC from the representative list for calculating indicators of the corporate bond market of the main market (KASE_BM* series) from August 31, 2023 due to their maturity (August 31 – record date). From August 31, 2023, the representative list of KASE_BM* series indicators will consist of bonds of 58 names. KASE_BMY – corporate bond yield index. KASE_BMC – corporate bond price index calculated according to bonds' prices without account to accrued interest thereon (at "clean" prices). The said indicator is calculated by KASE once a day according to results of trades in corporate bonds. The Methodology is available on KASE website at [2023-08-31]