From August 18 international bonds XS2655869530 (EBRDe19) of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development included in "Securities of international financial organizations" sector of KASE official list

18.08.23 18:56
/KASE, August 18, 2023/ – As announced earlier, the Management Board of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) on July 20, 2023 granted consent for the inclusion of international bonds XS2655869530 (KZT8.9 bn; 21.08.23 – 17.08.26; semi-annual coupon, 14.00 % APR; actual/360) of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in the sector "Securities of international financial organizations" of KASE official list. The admittance initiator of the said bonds is Tengri Partners Investment Banking (Kazakhstan) JSC (Almaty). The effective date of this decision of the Management Board is August 18, 2023. The opening of trades in these bonds on KASE will be announced later. These bonds have been assigned an abbreviation (trading code) EBRDe19. More detailed information on the issue of these bonds is available at [2023-08-18]