Composition of Board of Directors of KEGOC changed

04.08.23 10:54
/KASE, August 4, 2023/ – KEGOC JSC (Astana), whose securities are officially listed on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), has informed KASE that by a decision of the general meeting of shareholders dated July 31, 2023, the following changes were made to the composition of the company's Board of Directors: - removed: K. Moldabayev, Ulf Wokurka, A. Repin; - elected: N. Aitzhanov, M. Dulkairov, K. Moldabayev. Taking into account the changes made, the Board of Directors of KEGOC JSC consists of seven persons: Y. Berdigulov, N. Akhanzaripov, D. Suyentayev, A. Zhamiyev, M. Dulkairov, N. Aitzhanov, K. Moldabayev. This information is available (in Kazakh and Russian) on – [2023-08-04]