During the trades in 5.5 percent interest in UKTMC OJSC owned by the government no deals were made, trades to be continued on Wednesday

27.01.04 00:00
/KASE, January 27, 04/ - Today at Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) during the trades in shares of UST-KAMENOGORSK TITANIUM MAGNESIUM COMBINE Open Joint Stock Company (UKTMC OJSC) possessed by the government of the RK no deals were made, as the seller and buyers failed to reach a consensus on price. State interest package consisting of 59,350 common shares of UKTMC OJSC (5.5% of total shares issued by the company) was offered for sale under NZ_UTMK_5.5 code. This package is sold in any lots (one lot consists of 1 share). During the trades on January 27, the stated ask did not fall below KZT14,500 per share. The bid reached KZT5,700.00 per security, however by the moment trades had closed it was as high as KZT 5,000.01. Trades were closed at 5:00p.m. of ALT in compliance with rules of procedure. It also should be noticed that the seller was not quoting the whole package, but only its tenth, which is 5,395 shares. According to authorized representative of a broker - KIB ASSET MANAGEMENT Ltd. JSC (Almaty), trades in a given shares will be continued on January 28, from 11:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. of Almaty time. [2004-01-27]