At 11:30 a.m. trades in 5.5% SBS of UKTMC OJSC were continued at KASE

27.01.04 00:00
/KASE, January 27, 04/ - Today trades in state block of shares (SBS) of Open joint-stock company "UST-KAMENOGORSK TITANIUM-MAGNESIUM COMBINE (UKTMC OJSC, Ust-Kamenogorsk) were continued at Kazakhstan stock exchange (KASE). SBS consisting of 59,350 common shares of the company (5.5% of total number of floated shares of UKTMC OJSC), which was not sold yesterday, has been exhibited for trades under the code NZ_UTMK_5.5. This block is sold in retail, i.e. one lot consists of one share. All lots are to be quoted at KASE in Kazakhstan tenge per one share with the accuracy of two decimal figures. Initiator of the trades is the Committee of state property and privatization of the Ministry of finance of Kazakhstan (Committee). KIB ASSET MANAGEMENT Ltd. JSC (Almaty) is the broker authorized for SBS sale. The SBS is sold in KASE's trade system since 11:30 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. of Almaty time by open trade method in accordance with section II of KASE's internal document "Description of trades holding methods" ( Every time when purchase and sale prices coincide in bids submitted during the open trade KASE's trade system will automatically open for 15 minutes trades in corresponding instrument by Frankfurt method (article 3, chapter I, section IV, "Description of methods of trades holding"). During this trade potential buyers, competing between each other, can submit bids at higher prices. Period of trade by Frankfurt method ends no less than in 5 minutes since the moment of the last bid submitting, changing or annulling of any bid by any trade participant. Thus, if trades in any lot by Frankfurt method start later than 4:45 p.m. of Almaty time, they can be closed after 5:00 p.m., but anyway - before 6:00 p.m. Settlements according to results of the trades are made in compliance with the article 7 of KASE's internal document "State blocks of shares. Order of admission to sale at trades and settlements according to results of trades" ( In accordance with this document sum of deal excluding sum of commission fee of KASE and transferred before guarantee fee (which is transferred before the beginning of the trades by potential buyer to KASE's correspondent account) is to be transferred by SBS buyer to the correspondent account of Central depository of securities CJSC (Almaty) within seven working days since the day of its making. Size of guarantee fee on the traded block of shares is KZT1,000.00 for one share. Bids for participating in the trades may be submitted only by KASE's members of "H" category. Investors can submit bids through these juridical persons. Full list of KASE's members of "H" category has been published in the stock exchange's site at Shares can be purchased at the trades by any physical or juridical person, which is resident or non-resident of the Republic of Kazakhstan. On the reason shares of SBS have been included in KASE's "A" listing category, they can be purchased at the expense of pension assets of accumulative pension funds of Kazakhstan. One can observe the trades in the Internet in real time mode at We're reminding that on January 26 SBS of UKTMC OJSC consisting of 107,910 common shares (10.0% of total number of floated shares, trade code is NZ_UTMK_10) was sold at KASE by indivisible lot for KZT777,167,820.00. Price of the deal was KZT7,202.00 per share. [2004-01-27]