Microfinance Organization "KMF" placed on KASE bonds for a total of KZT10.0 bn

22.06.23 12:23
/KASE, June 22, 2023/ – Microfinance Organization "KMF" LLP (Almaty), whose bonds are officially listed on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), has provided KASE with the following press release dated June 22, 2023: quote On June 21, 2023, there was a successful scheduled placement of coupon bonds of Microfinance Organization "KMF" (hereinafter – KMF) on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange JSC (KASE) in the total amount of 10 billion tenge with a weighted average yield to maturity of 20.00 % per annum. KMF, as an issuer, once again attracted special attention of market participants to its securities, therefore, according to the results of the trades, demand from investors exceeded supply. As a result, the placement amount amounted to 10 billion tenge, and the total number of executed orders was 38. The securities were placed as part of the third issue of KMF bonds with maturity of 12 months. As a result of trades, the overall ratio of demand to offer amounted to 155.8 %, which shows a high level of confidence in the issuer. Investors were both legal entities and retail investors. The amounts raised as a result of the placement of bonds will allow KMF to diversify the sources of funding for projects that are of great social importance. The implementation of these projects directly affects the development of various sectors of the economy, the increase in employment and welfare of the population, an increase in jobs and, accordingly, the growth of tax deductions to the budgets. The trade organizer and underwriter was BCC Invest, which confirmed its status as one of the best financial advisors on the local securities market. unquote The full version of the press release is available on – https://kase.kz/files/emitters/MFKM/mfkm_relizs_220623.pdf [2023-06-22]