Freedom Finance announces placement of ESG bonds in support of women's entrepreneurship

05.06.23 17:06
/KASE, June 5, 2023/ – Freedom Finance JSC (Almaty) has provided Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) with the following press release dated June 2, 2023: quote Freedom Finance JSC placed two-year gender bonds of MFO OnlineKazFinance JSC (Solva) in the amount of 6.3 billion tenge on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange JSC (KASE) with a yield to maturity of 21.5 % per annum. Proceeds from the placement of these bonds will be used to actively support women in the business environment in order to expand their opportunities and reduce gender inequality. The issue volume is 20 billion tenge. Coupon interest is paid monthly and indexed to the change in the USD/KZT exchange rate, while the minimum coupon rate is 21%, the maximum is 25% per annum. The bonds are included in KASE official list under the trade code MFOKb11. As part of the subscription held on KASE, investors were offered said financial product with a total face value of KZT5 bn. During the placement, investors submitted 381 orders for the amount of 6.3 billion tenge. Thus, the demand amounted to 126% of the volume offered for placement. The issuer decided to execute all collected orders. The share of individuals in the total volume of issued bonds amounted to 100%. Freedom Broker's clients once again showed great interest in the bonds of MFO OnlineKazFinance JSC, and their share in the total investment amounted to 100%. unquote The complete press release is available at – [2023-06-05]