Asian Development Bank raised KZT13.3 bn on KASE through subscription by placing international social bonds XS2610164944 (ASDBe15) with a yield to maturity of 14.10 % per annum

26.04.23 18:32
/KASE, April 26, 2023/ – As previously announced, an initial offering of international bonds XS 2610164944 (sector "securities of international financial organizations", ASDBe15; KZT13,300,000,000; 26.04.23 – 17.12.30; semi-annual coupon, 14.10 % per annum; 30/360) of Asian Development Bank was conducted in the trading system of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) on April 20, 2023 by way of subscription to them. Tengri Partners Investment Banking (Kazakhstan) JSC (Almaty) acted as the seller when subscribing to these bonds. Subscription orders were collected on April 20, 2023 from 09:30 to 11:30 o’clock, Astana time. Bonds with a par value of KZT13,300,000,000 (13,300,000,000 bonds with a par value of 1 tenge) were offered for placement. As part of the subscription, limit and market orders were collected. As the price an order must indicate the value of the coupon rate denominated in annual percentage with accuracy of up to the second decimal place. The number of financial instruments in an order must be represented by the nominal volume in tenge. No restrictions for buyers on the maximum number of bonds in submitted orders were set in the terms of the subscription. Three members of KASE took part in the trades. A total of 5 limit orders in the amount of KZT13,312.0 mln were submitted to the trading system, of which 4 orders in the amount of KZT13,312.0 mln (100.1 % of the offer volume) were recognized as active at the end of the order collection. Yield to maturity in the submitted active orders varied in the range of 14.0000-14.1000 % per annum, weighted average yield to maturity made up 14.0937 % per annum. In the total volume of active orders, banks accounted for 50.0 %, and other institutional investors – for 50.0 %. Based on the placement results, 4 orders submitted by three members of KASE were executed for a total of KZT13,300,000,000.0. The issuer placed 13,300,000,000 bonds, determining the yield to maturity at 14.10 % per annum. According to the data of the Central Securities Depository JSC (Almaty), all deals based on the results of subscription for the indicated bonds by the moment of publication of this information have been settled, the subscription has been completed. [2023-04-26]