Sole shareholder of Industrial Development Fund decided to pay dividends on the company's ordinary shares for 2022

10.04.23 14:11
/KASE, April 10, 2023/ – Industrial Development Fund JSC (Astana), whose bonds are officially listed on Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE), has informed KASE about decisions of its sole shareholder dated March 31, 2023: - to approve the procedure for distributing net income earned in 2022 in the amount of KZT22,392,924,197.61 as follows: - to spend KZT11,196,462,098.80 on the payment of dividends to the sole shareholder; - to retain KZT11,196,462,098.81 at the company's disposal; - to approve the amount of dividend per ordinary share in the amount of KZT9,437.10 for 2022; - the date of commencement of payment, from the date of this decision, but no later than June 28, 2023. This information is available on – [2023-04-10]