KASE's Board of Directors approves new internal document "Rules for conducting a public offering of securities" and amendments to some of KASE's internal documents

02.03.23 15:17
/KASE, March 2, 2023/ – By a decision of the Board of Directors of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) dated March 1, 2023, the following items were approved: - Rules for conducting a public offering of securities (Rules); - changes and additions No. 5 to the Regulations on the methods of conducting trading in trading and clearing systems; - changes and additions No. 17 to the Regulations on Membership Fees, Exchange and Clearing Fees; - changes No. 1 to the Rules for conducting subscribing to securities. The Rules and amendments came into effect on March 2, 2023. The Rules have been developed to enable trading on KASE involving the placement, sale, repurchase or purchase of securities by collecting orders from a potentially unlimited number of investors (public offer) and define the main conditions and procedure for conducting a public offering of securities through KASE. In connection with the introduction of a new method of trades, appropriate amendments were made to internal documents of KASE. The Rules and updated texts of the above documents will be published on KASE website at http://kase.kz/en/kase_rules/ (tabs "Trades" and "Membership"). [2023-03-02]