Special trading session for offering of 2.0 mln bonds KZMJ00001469 (SKK024_146) of local executive body of North Kazakhstan region will be held on KASE on December 1

30.11.22 16:01
/KASE, November 30, 2022/ – Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) announces that a special trading session for offering of bonds KZMJ00001469 (sector "government securities"; SKK024_146; KZT1,000, KZT2,000,000,000.00; 2 years; semi-annual coupon, 0.35 % per annum; 30/360) of the local executive body of North Kazakhstan region in the number of 2,000,000 pieces will be held in KASE's trading system on December 1, 2022. Orders will be collected from 14:00 to 15:30 o'clock, Astana time, the settlement time will be from 16:00 o'clock, Astana time. The "clean" price of bonds (excluding accrued interest) expressed as a percentage of the security's face value with accuracy of up to the fourth decimal place must be indicated as the price in the order. The number of bonds in pieces must be indicated as the number of financial instruments in the order. The number of a financial instrument in an order must be equal to or be a multiple of the lot size. Lot size – 1 bond. The volume of the order must be the product of the number of bonds indicated in the order and the "dirty" price of one bond (taking into account the accrued interest). Only limit orders submitted to KASE's trading system by the closed method are accepted for trades. Order execution method: at a single cut-off price, by the time of acceptance of offset orders. Orders for participation in trades can be submitted only by members of KASE's stock market. Other investors can apply through these legal entities. The list of members of KASE's stock market is published at https://kase.kz/en/membership The rules for issuing securities for circulation on the domestic market by the local executive body of the city of republican importance, the capital are published at https://kase.kz/files/mix/post_1520.pdf The Regulations on trading methods in trading and clearing systems are published at https://kase.kz/files/normative_base/methods_ASTS_eng.pdf Detailed information on the issue of these bonds is available at https://kase.kz/en/gsecs/show/SKK024_146/ [2022-11-30]