Special trading session for offering of bonds KZ2C00008902 (KFUSb44) of Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund on September 23 on KASE declared failed

23.09.22 18:31
/KASE, September 23, 2021/ – A special trading session for the offering of bonds KZ2C00008902 (KASE main market, category "bonds", KFUSb44) of Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund (Almaty) was held in the trading system of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) today. BID PARAMETERS: ------------------------------------------------- -------------- Number of participants: 2 Number of orders submitted (all / active) 5 / 3 incl.: – limit: 5 / 3 – market: 0 / 0 Volume of active orders*, mln tenge, 3,001.9 incl.: – limit: 3,001.9 – market: 0.0 Bid to ask: 30.0 % Rate of margin on orders submitted, % (on all / on active ones): – minimum 1.2000 – maximum 1.7000 – weighted average 1.6331 ---------------------------------------------------------------- * active orders – orders not annulled by trade participants at expiry of order submission period including those confirmed by Confirmation System participants. OFFERING TERMS: -------------------------------------- -------------------------- Trade date: 23.09.22 Announced offering volume, tenge: 10,000,000,000 Lot size, pieces: 1 Trade subject: fixed margin rate Purchase order types: limit Order submission method: closed Order collection period: 10:00–12:00 Order confirmation period: 10:00–12:30 Cut-off time: 13:00 (Т+0) Payment date and time: 23.09.22, 13:00 Order cut-off method: orders are cut-off, whose prices are equal to or above the cut-off price Limit order execution method at single cut-off price depending on the prices of orders: Limit order execution method depending by the time of acceptance on the order of their submission: of offset orders Trade initiator: Tengri Partners Investment Banking (Kazakhstan) ----------------------------------------------------------------- The special trading session was recognized and declared invalid due to the unsatisfactory price on the submitted orders. [2022-09-23]