Amendments to Listing Rules and Rules for determining amounts, deadlines and procedure for payment of listing fees effective from September 12

08.09.22 16:56
/KASE, September 8, 2022/ – By a decision of the Board of Directors of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE, or the Exchange) dated September 6, 2022, the following amendments were approved: - changes and additions No. 5 to the Listing Rules; - change and addition No. 3 to the Rules for determining the amount, deadlines and procedure for payment of listing fees (the Rules). These amendments will come into effect on September 12, 2022. The amendments were made in order to bring the Listing Rules and Rules in line with the changes and additions to the Act of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On the Securities Market" and provide for the following: - the procedure for obtaining a preliminary opinion of the Exchange will not be mandatory, but at the request of the issuer, while the conditions and procedure for issuing a preliminary opinion have not changed; - upon receipt of a preliminary opinion, the inclusion in the draft prospectus of the issuer's non-government bonds of additional restrictions recommended by the Listing Commission and published on the Exchange's official website is advisory in nature; - the conditions and procedure for issuing ESG bonds have been changed; - it was determined that the availability of a corporate governance code approved by the issuer's body authorized to approve such a document is now mandatory for all issuers, if the availability of such a document is mandatory in accordance with the legislation of the country of registration of the issuer as a legal entity; - other editorial and procedural clarifications have been made. The updated texts of the Listing Rules and the Rules will be published on KASE website at ("Listing" tab). [2022-09-08]