Interest rate for third coupon period on international bonds XS2489628870 (ASDBe10) of Asian Development Bank is 14.00000 % per annum

06.09.22 17:43
/KASE, September 6, 2022/ – Tengri Partners Investment Banking (Kazakhstan) JSC (Almaty) as a settlement agent for international bonds XS2489628870 (sector "securities of international financial organizations", ASDBe10; 10,000,000,000 tenge, 23.06.22 – 17.09.24, semi-annual coupon, 30/360) of Asian Development Bank, has informed Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) that the interest rate for the third coupon period on these bonds was set at 14.00000 % per annum, wherein: - fixed amount of coupon interest per unit of face value – KZT32.67; - total fixed amount of coupon interest – KZT326,700,000.00. [2022-09-06]